Riding the Tricycle: full video

I couldn’t wait… here is the full video:

As a friend said, “Wow. This is a baby who had little/no chance of even being born alive. Shortly after his birth, he was discharged from the hospital with Hospice on his care plan. At 8 mos. old he had any number of heart surgeries. Now look at him . . .”

Tricycle King!

For several months now, Matthew has tried again and again to ride his tricycle.  He had the most success when we could secure his feet to the pedals.  We tried duct tape, and velcro straps, but nothing worked very well.  I joked, “if only we could find toe clips in toddler size 6!”

Well, leave it to my sister – the bike enthusiast, and the one who bought Micah the tricycle several years ago – to find toddler toe clips!  It was the one small adaptation that Matthew needed. (She found them on the Leaps and Bounds website.)

Matthew is now pedaling his tricycle!

(…I say “pedaling,” because we still need to do some work on steering!)

I had some fun with imovie tonight, and created the following movie trailer for you.  I will make a more cohesive, easier-to-watch video later … but this was fun: