Matthew’s Story… and a contest!

I did it!

I finally finished a project I’ve been working on for some time: writing a version of Matthew’s story that can be shared with a wider audience.  The challenge was to make it concise enough yet complete enough.  It’s published now, under the “Matthew’s Story” tab on this blog (formerly “About Matthew.”).  It is my hope that it will be published a couple other places soon, but I will let you know when and if that happens.

I still need a good title for his story, and I would love your help!

So, let’s have a contest!

Leave your suggestions for a great title in the comments below.  If I choose your suggestion, you will win a great prize!

Maybe you’ll win an gift card… or maybe you’ll win some chocolate … or maybe you can buy yourself some chocolate with your Amazon gift card… I haven’t decided yet.

Yes, you may have multiple entries.  The more ideas, the better!

Ready, Set, GO!

(Thank you, Danielle, Sarah, and Shannon for your editing help!)

Jesse’s Third Tear Duct Surgery


This morning, Jesse had a 3rd surgery to clear the blocked tear duct he’s had since birth.  Because the first two “probing” procedures had failed, the plan today was to place a stent inside his tear duct to hold it open.  After six months, the stent will be removed.

Jesse was such a trooper when we got to the hospital.  He was in great spirits, chatting with and charming all the nurses and staff.  Even as they wheeled him back for surgery, he was smiling and talking with the doctors.

We had been hoping and praying that the stent could be placed without doing an open procedure (incision into his face), but the surgeon had told us that he wouldn’t know until he got in there.  It just broke by heart to even think about someone cutting into my baby’s face!  Unfortunately, his tear duct was completely blocked, and the doctor had to open him up to clear out the blockage and scar tissue and place the stent.

Jesse was in a LOT of pain after the surgery, and fighting-mad coming out of the anesthesia.  It was a really rough time.  It took Jesse a long time to calm down.  I held him, having to restrain him from rubbing his eyes, but he was fighting hard and is really strong.  The surgeon gave him local anesthetic, but it obviously wasn’t enough, and the only other order for pain control was for tylenol at home.  Our nurse was eventually able to get him some tylenol in the hospital, but Jesse kept saying, “It’s hurting! It’s hurting!”

When I told him that it made me so sad to see him hurt, he stopped to say, “Aww, Mom, don’t be sad!”  That’s my Jesse Bear.

The incision and his nose dripped blood all day.  Every time he sneezed, blood would come out both sides.  We now have kleenex boxes stationed all over the house, and when Jesse calls out “blood,” Aaron, Micah, and I all dive for the nearest box and rush to Jesse’s aid.  At least he can tell us when it’s about to drip, but we’re hoping that will be better by tomorrow.

We did better at home, able to keep cold compresses on his eye and administer tylenol and ibuprofen ’round the clock.  He was evidently feeling much better this afternoon, because right before dinner he hopped off the couch (still in his jammies), and enthusiastically said, “Well, where are we going today, boys?”

Please keep us all in your prayers.  It’s been a long day, but I know tomorrow will better.

Jesus, can we please be done putting our children through surgeries?