Celebrating You

Dear Matthew, my precious son,

Today we celebrate you.  Nine short years ago, you came into this world and stole our hearts.

You learned so much this past year.  You can dress yourself, put your own shoes and socks on, and buckle yourself in the car.  Your speech and reading skills keep improving, and you understand just about everything we tell you.  You can follow directions so much better than you did even just a year ago, and your conversational skills keep impressing me, too.  You have started to be very funny, on purpose.  You definitely love to make people laugh.

You love to be helpful, whether that means getting a gallon of milk from the downstairs fridge, helping to set or clear the table, shopping for and unloading groceries, or helping Nathan with something he needs.  You can even start a “Signing Time” DVD all by yourself, “for Nathan,” of course, but you are kind enough to sit and watch it with him.

These are my favorite things about you:

Your smile


When you say, “I did it!  I did it myself!” 


The way you love your siblings, and the way they love you

Micah said just yesterday, “Mom, I just love people with Down syndrome!  I just want to be around them and spend time with them!”


Your curiosity,

and the way you love all of God’s creatures … but especially dogs, horses, and cows!


Your Joy


Your love for God and His Church

How fitting it is, that your heart is where your physical miracle took place.  Your heart is so connected to your Creator.  Your pure and precious heart is capable of the deepest, purest love I have known this side of heaven, and you love our Lord completely.

You have touched more hearts than we will ever know.

You are incredible, and we are very proud of you.

I love you, my Matthew, and I am so blessed to be your Mommy.