It’s been busy!

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but it’s been BUSY!  We’ve had very important things to do …

…like enjoy every skiff of snow that lands in our yard.

But, I would never, ever permit my barefooted son to go get the mail in the snow, especially not in his underwear.  Nope.  I did not permit this at all. *ahem*  He did it all on his own. … and we have a long driveway!

We also had to measure the backyard to see which dinosaur fossils would fit.  These things are very important, you know.  It turns out we could get a stegosaurus, but not an argentinosaurus, unless the neighbors were ok with a neck and a tail extending over their fences.

I love that they are both using the ASL “3”

There have also been a lot of fun kitchen projects with my biggest helper …

… and I’m so blessed to have 3 helpers when it comes to cleaning up!

… and it’s good that they enjoy it, because with Jesse around, there is always something that needs to be cleaned up!

We did go up to Bubbi and Papa’s “snow house” for some skiing.  Micah had his first official ski lesson, and did great!  He learned to control his speed, stop, and turn – so now he thinks he’s ready to ski the double-blacks with Daddy!  Matthew watched his big brother, yelling “ski!  yea!  Micah go!  yea! ski!”  I have the feeling we’ll have two boys on the slopes next year.

… o.k. – probably three boys on the slopes next year.  I mean, this one isn’t going to let himself be left out of anything.  But, why does he scare me so much??

… nothing like warming up with a bowl of ramen noodles after playing in the snow, though.

and, then playing dress-up with a great new hat and vest … these things just have to be done!

… and really, what could possibly be more important?

Pure Love Giveaway

How do you save 147 million orphans?


One at a time.



A few days ago, I came across this blog.  Patti is the mother of ten (yes, TEN!) children, one of whom has Down syndrome.  She started a fund-raiser, the Pure Love Giveaway, when she saw that little Peter was going to be institutionalized soon.  You see, Peter was born with an extra chromosome, in a place where that is virtually a death sentence:  Eastern Europe.  Peter has heart and health issues that need to be addressed right away, and without a family to adopt him, he will soon die in an institution.  Patti’s heart was moved by this little boy, and she set out to save him.  She started her fundraiser with the ambitious goal of raising enough money to cover all of his adoption costs ($20,000!)  She hoped that, with a full grant in place, a loving family would step up and claim him as their own.

Only a few days later, Peter’s adoption grant has grown to over $13,500, and thanks to the information spread by the Pure Love Giveaway, his forever family found him!  Peter will have a home, the love and the medical care he needs, but he needs to come home SOON!  He can’t wait a year for his family to raise the funds for his adoption – it needs to move quickly, and they need the money NOW.

While she was raising money for Peter, Patti also asked for donations for two other orphans – Olga and Kareem.  Within only a couple days, the goals were met for the two girls, and Olga’s family found her.  It has been amazing to watch the progress of this fundraiser … doing so much more than raising money – it is building families and saving lives!

Now, Patti has decided to try to rescue Artem as well.  You’ll have to visit her blog or the Reece’s Rainbow site to read more about him, but I think he has an especially winning smile!  He needs a family, badly.  So, if you know someone who could add him to their family, please spread the word.

Here is where it gets fun and exciting:  Patti’s enthusiasm and these dear children have captured the hearts of so many people, that there are some amazing prizes donated for this fund raiser.  To win the prizes (an ipad, a digital SLR camera, diamond earrings, gift cards…), all you have to do is donate $10 (or more!) to their adoption funds.  Donate through Reece’s Rainbow via Paypal (click here for Peter) or (click here for Artem), or write them a check to save the paypal fees.

Then, visit the Pure Love Giveaway, and leave Patti a comment letting her know that you’ve made a donation.  That’s all it takes.

You don’t have to be a hero to help these beautiful children.  You can help them come home, $10 at a time.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ ” (Matthew 25:40)



Baby Jacob: update

Thank you for your prayers for baby Jacob.  His surgery went very well yesterday.  The doctors were able to repair the holes in his heart and the valves, and it all looks good.

He now has the tough job of recovering from it all, so please remember to pray for him and his family.  Those of us who have been through it know just how hard it is on a mommy & daddy to see their baby go through this.

Please visit Susan’s blog (The Ups & Downs of the Allred Family), for updates and to offer your prayers and encouragement.

Our family is on the road to recovery, too.  After Matthew was so sick, Jesse’s ears started to act up again … but we are finally all feeling much better.