More Homeschooling Moments with Micah

Why Micah is easy to teach:

Me: “Micah, are you ready to start our school?”

Micah: “Not yet. I’m reading about Argentina in my atlas, and then I want to read a couple stories from my Greek Myths book.”



Prayer Time:

“and God, Thank You for making me … me.”

Our Latest Venture!

I know there haven’t been many posts lately, and I apologize.

I have all kinds of things to tell you about:  our fun fall activities, Jesse’s club foot, potty training with Matthew, and the fun we have homeschooling Micah.

But first, I’m excited to share our latest venture with you!

It’s a big deal.

The whole family is so very excited about it!

But, it has taken all of my “spare” energy over the last several months, and is the reason blog updates have been few and far between.  Laundry has been piling up, dishes have gone undone … all because I’ve been working on something very special.

For many months now, we’ve been praying that God would add to our family.  We’ve really been enjoying our boys, and we see how good they are for each other.  We’ve seen that, just as Dr. Ray (our favorite parenting expert) says, “Siblings are the greatest gift you can give to your children.”  Our boys love each other so much.  They learn from each other while they play together.  They teach each each other while they laugh and goof off.  They help each other grow into better people.

For Matthew, his two brothers are the best teachers, therapists, and care-givers he has.  As he grows older, this will only be more true.  And Matthew teaches them, too.  He teaches them what unconditional love looks like, how to be selfless and caring, and how to put the needs of another ahead of one’s own desires.  He also shows all of us what PURE JOY looks like!  Micah has often said, “I wish we had TEN Matthews!”  The love between the brothers is a blessing we hadn’t really anticipated, and one that can’t be truly appreciated unless you’ve experienced it!

We wanted another sibling for our boys.  We wanted another son (or maybe even a daughter??).

And now, we are proud and excited to announce that he or she is here! 

At about 15 weeks old, 4 inches long, and weighing in at a little less than 2oz, we have a new son or daughter due in early May.

For such a tiny little person, he or she has taken every ounce of energy I have, and has made me feel quite sick.  Thankfully, now that I’m in the 2nd trimester, some of that is fading and I’m starting to feel better.

Of course, we appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and safe pregnancy.  Thanks for caring about us while we’re on this journey!

Homeschooling Moments with Micah

(Yes, sometimes I think we could have our own talk show with this title!)

At the end of a big day:

Daddy: “What did you learn about today, Micah.”

Micah: “The Ten Commandments.”

Daddy:  “That’s great!  Can you tell me any of them?  What are the commandments?”

Micah:  “Well … like don’t steal stuff …, and don’t commit your neighbor’s stuff.”

Daddy:  “Was there any about your parents? … your mother and father?”

Micah: “Yeah.  There was something about adultery.”