Surgery Update

The surgery went well. Thank you very much for all of your prayers- they mean more than you know, and are what I needed most. The surgeon found several varicose veins that were pressing on the tarsal nerve, and was able to remove them along with the scar tissue and release the nerve.  This is great news: it means they found something fixable, and fixed it!  In a few months, my pain should be greatly diminished, and next year I should be hiking and skiing with the family.

The first couple days after surgery, I needed the full dose of pain medication around the clock, which made my head a little foggy and my stomach a little queasy.  But, I am doing much better now, and get by with smaller doses of the pain meds.  My family has given me lots of time to relax with my foot up, and now I am able to get up and help with a little bit of the kids’ school during the day.

I will wear this big splint for a week, then go back to get a cast put on. On to recovery phase!  Thanks to the women from our parish, who set up a meal schedule to help feed our family while I recover, and thanks to everyone who has prayed for us or offered to help us during this time.

Thanks, especially to my wonderful husband, who is cheerfully taking good care of us all right now.


The day after surgery, relaxing in a hotel and enjoying tea in my new “strength” mug from a good friend, who also took care of our kids during the procedure.


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