To My Friends that Marched

I have several friends and family members that participated in various “March for Women” events across the country last weekend.  These are lovely ladies, with good intentions, intelligent minds, and loving hearts.  Each one had their own reasons for participating, but I felt my own heart sink as their proud pictures came across my facebook feed, one after another.

My problem with the march is that it was made very clear that the pro-life viewpoint was not welcome to participate in the march. And this is not just an issue that is “very important to me,” but is an issue that is at the very core of who I am, and everything I believe in.

I have had strangers look at my disabled son and say, “Didn’t you know when you were pregnant?” Strangers, who never even want to see the beauty of his life, but rather think the world would be better off without him.  I wish you could see their shocked and horrified faces when I say, “Yes, we did know.  And we chose life for him.”  I have to explain to Matthew, and to his brothers and sisters, that he doesn’t have any friends that are like him, because over 90% of parents choose to kill their child rather than raise a child with Down syndrome.


We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that life begins as conception. It is an indisputable scientific fact. So, how can I possibly be “okay” with someone making a “choice” to end a life? A baby is not a body-part of its mother. It is a human being. And, if we don’t have the right to life, no other rights matter.

The women’s march claimed to stand for “disability rights.” What about the rights of the 90% of babies with Down syndrome who are brutally killed? The women’s march claimed to stand against “violence” except for the ultimate act of violence committed against 60 million of our most vulnerable citizens since Roe V. Wade.

The women’s march claimed to stand for “civil rights,” but Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted to eliminate the black race by using abortion. To this day, a disproportionately large percentage of Planned Parenthood clinics are in neighborhoods with minority populations. A disproportionately large number of minority children are killed.  In 2004, the rates of abortion by ethnicity in the U.S. were:

  • 50 abortions per 1,000 black women
  • 28 abortions per 1,000 Hispanic women
  • 11 abortions per 1,000 white women.

An outrage? Absolutely!

Pornography has been shown to be a root cause of much of the violence against women that is present in the United States today. It is also a root cause of child sex-trafficking. I can’t think of anything that is more degrading and objectifying of women, and yet it wasn’t mentioned at all in the Women’s March. In fact, the lewd attire of many of the participants only objectified us more. If we are more than our body parts, let’s not dress up like our genitalia.

As for religious freedom, what about the freedom to not pay for contraceptives and abortions that oppose a person’s religious beliefs? Many contraceptives are abortifacients, and groups like “Little Sisters of the Poor,” and Christian citizens should not have to pay for them.

As Matt Walsh said,

“Before the march even began, abortion on demand had been proclaimed an essential “unity principle” of the so-called “Women’s March.” They were so serious about this principle that pro-life groups were barred from participating. It’s fair to say that once a political demonstration cites baby murder as a fundamental value, nothing else it stands for really matters. I cannot take a march seriously after it has professed an affinity for child killing just as I cannot willingly consume your homemade chocolate cake after you inform me that fecal matter is one of its ingredients.”

Even Hitler had some perceived “good points” in his economic reform policies. There was a reason he was elected by the people.  However, none of us could say that we admire or support him. Because of the Eugenics he attempted, and the 11 million lives he ended, we would never stand at a rally and shout, “Hail Hitler!” because we thought his “other policies” were great. I can’t support this march or this movement for the same reason. Abortion is our holocaust, ending the lives of the disabled and minorities.

I will be marching this weekend at the March for Life, and I hope you will all join me.


#WhyWeMarch #walkforlife #marchforlife

. . .

Addendum:  There are two women who wrote excellent, related articles.  They were able to touch on subjects that I did not have room or time to cover.  Please go check them out, and be as encouraging and uplifting to them as you have been to me here!

To My Sisters Who Marched on Washington by Jenny Uebbing reminds us that we were not created to be equal to Men.  Modern feminism seeks to destroy the wonderful uniqueness we were given as daughters of the King

An Apology From A Woman Who Didn’t March by Ruth Meyer reminds us that the freedoms we enjoy in the United States are only a dream for women around the world.  Before we cry that our “rights” have been violated, we should remember our sisters throughout the world who truly long for the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day.


14 thoughts on “To My Friends that Marched

  1. Amy, you and Aaron and your entire family inspire me every day! Your love for life goes so far beyond any political or social issue; you truly live by the words you speak (write?) and are an amazing example of a family for whom God is not just a nice concept. Much love!

  2. As you, Amy, I have very mixed emotions about the women’s marches across our world. I can only imagine the sadness of our Father in Heaven. At some point, this madness has to end. I am so proud of you andAaron, just as I am of Matt and?Deanna! I believe, as you do, that life begins at conception. I also was confused as to the purpose of the march…while at the same time…I had friends…their daughters…and even , their granddaughters , who marched together. While the sentiment of marching for a cause swept many into this March, I had the opportunity to be with my daughter…and we were able to share our thoughts and beliefs that we woukd not have been in this March, because, like you…we believe that life is sacred and is a blessing from God. And…if your sweet son, and my granddaughter, can come into this world with innocence and trust…who are we to not honor their lives?! Good for you, for your kindness and compassionate courage to challenge the belief that these precious lives are not expendable…that Matthew matters! That Opal matters! That all life matters! Hooray for you!

  3. Thank you for this. I am not great with words and have been trying to find a way to respond to fellow believers, even leaders, when they are willing to stand with people even when they disagree on abortion because the other stuff is important too. I hope you don’t mind that I sent it to a friend as a suggested reading. I hope to have follow up with her in person, but you helped start the conversation in a way I don’t think I could have.

    On Jan 24, 2017 6:19 PM, “Matthew Nicholas Vawter” wrote:

    > Amy posted: “I have several friends and family members that participated > in various “March for Women” events across the country last weekend. These > are lovely ladies, with good intentions, intelligent minds, and loving > hearts. Each one had their own reasons for part” >

    • I don’t mind at all, Tina. Remember, a poop-cake is still a poop-cake, no matter how many healthy ingredients you think you added! Be brave enough to stand for what you know in your heart is right. Thanks for always knowing that all life is precious!

  4. I have never read your blog but it came across my feed when my cousin reacted. And am I glad it did! My husband walked in West Coast Walk for Life this past weekend. We were immediately followed by the women’s March. We had to walk by them with their lewd signs as they shouted at us. But our joy was so effusive that we could not contain our smiles! And the college kids! They were invigorating! Thank you for everything you said in your blog. It was exactly what I have been feeling as I read all of the WM postings. God bless you.

  5. This was beautifully written and expressed my thoughts…no,my very heart! From the time I first learned what abortion was,I have been completely baffled that people, otherwise seemingly loving caring individuals, can casually end,or participate in the ending of a precious human life! There must be something missing in the way these people process information. There is a person growing inside a pregnant female. If she,the mother (or so called), chooses not to allow the tiny person continue to live, she can do that. It is her choice. When the pregnancy is terminated, it is called abortion. No law is broken. If, however, the mother wants the tiny person, and plans to allow the pregnancy to continue, and someone kills both mother and child, as in the Lacy Peterson tragedy, they ,the perpetrator, are charged with two murders. So the take away from this, as it seems to me, is that a wanted child is a person while an unwanted child is trash. That is how they’re disposed of isn’t it? So we’ve accepted this evil , where does it stop ? Will our country pass laws to go into orphanages and “humanly euthanize” children that have been there for awhile and haven’t been “chosen “? Obviously they are “unwanted ” . Will our social services department begin taking applications from women who can show good cause why their child or children should be “put down “? Perhaps financial problems could be averted, or struggling marriages saved. Sometimes children suffer from ill health…would it not be more merciful to just end their pain? It really scares me because I know it could happen! God help us!

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