Works for Me: Protecting the Kitchen Table

Our Kitchen Table

For us, it is so much more than a place to eat.  It is the only table, so it is the everything table!

So, when it was finally time to replace our old-but-who-cares-what-happens-to-it table with a nicer piece of furniture, we decided to protect it as much as possible.

After all, it’s an art studio,IMG_5408

It’s a baking and craft center,IMG_6321

It’s a school desk,IMG_5526

And, perhaps the messiest (but most fun) of all:  It’s a science lab!IMG_6507



I simply went to our local fabric store, and bought a sheet of heavy-duty vinyl big enough to cover the table.  It protects from spills, paints, pens, markers, and even Matthew’s fork and Jesse’s attempts to cut his food himself!  It cleans up with a dishcloth, or Windex and a paper towel if you really want it to look nice.  For special occasions, I can put decorations, place mats, or a table runner under the vinyl, and they stay looking nice, too!


When you have company, it rolls up nicely and tucks away in a closet.  Or, if you’re like us and most of your company has a passel of kids as well, it just stays on the table year-round.

For the especially messy projects, I still throw a dollar-store tablecloth over it, just to make clean-up even easier.  And yes, my kids paint wearing only their “wunderwear.”  IMG_6438

It works for me!


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