Annual Cardiology Check-Up 2013

This week, Matthew saw his cardiologists for his annual EKG, Echo, and consult.

The issues they check on are these:

-When the hole between his ventricles healed, it left a pin-hole opening that the surgeons decided NOT to fix.  The part that healed does not look smooth and “normal,” but rather rough, like scar tissue.  They don’t anticipate this will cause any problems, and both of these issues have been not changed over the past 4 years.  The only new recommendation this year was to give him antibiotics prior to any dental work, to avoid bacteria clinging to those rough areas.

-When the surgeons fixed the valves in the middle of his heart, they could not do a perfect job.  His mitral valve is leaky, and he lives with “mild to moderate” mitral regurgitation.  This, also, has not changed over the past 4 years.  Last year, however, they noticed an area of his mitral valve that was stiff and rigid, which if it progressed would eventually lead to the need for a valve replacement.  This year, they did not see any stiffness!  Hooray!

Overall, they said his heart looks great!  His heart, along with the valves and all the repairs seems to be growing with him.  There is still no need for any long-term medication.  Eventually, he may be on a low dose of a diuretic, just to preserve his valve function for as long as possible.

We continue to be amazed at the way God has healed, and continues to care for, this little guy’s heart.  God must have big plans for you, my Matthew!

So, now that that is over with … we can move on to the things that are really important:


IMG_6658 IMG_6671



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