Jesse’s Pets

Jesse may have the most vivid imagination of any of our kids.  He is constantly pretending to be one kind of creature or another, and inventing elaborate scenarios for everyone in the family to play into.  So, it is no surprise that his stuffed animals are very, very real to him.  “Brown Doggie,” in particular, is his “pet” and his “friend.”  Jesse has been unable to sleep without Brown Doggie for more than a year, and usually “Kitty” is also required.

But, three days ago, I walked into Kaylie’s room and found this:  Brown Doggie and Kitty in an empty laundry hamper:


“Jesse, what’s this?” I asked.

“Oh, my pets all died.” Jesse said very casually.

Me: “Are they going to be o.k.?”

Jesse: “No.  They are NOT going to be o.k.  But, I put them in the garbage.”

Me: “I’m so sorry, Jesse.”

Jesse: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well, are you going to sleep with them tonight?”

Jesse: “NO!  That would be ICKY!”

I was sure he would ask for them at bedtime, but he didn’t.  He slept without any animals.  I was sure they would be rescued from the hamper the next day, but they weren’t.  It has now been three days, and three nights with no animals.  He has told me (very seriously) “All my pets died.”  Once he said, “All my friends died.”  But, he hasn’t even mentioned them at bedtime.

Before you ask, we have NOT had any deaths in the family recently.  However, a couple of Micah’s fish recently went belly-up.  Could that have caused this?  I don’t know.  Meanwhile, what do I do with Jesse’s dead pets?  On Thursday, we leave for the Kick-Off to World Down Syndrome Day at Great Wolf Lodge.  We’ve never been able to travel without Brown Doggie before, but I’m really not sure if I should pack his carcass this time.


Here are the latest cute Kaylie pictures. 🙂




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