The Winner!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me brainstorm title ideas for Matthew’s story.  There were so many wonderful ideas, it was hard to choose!  The final title is a combination of your ideas and mine:


Matthew’s Miracle: The Healing of a Broken Heart.


Thank you, Shelley, for suggesting “Matthew’s Miracle.”  That is actually the title that has been on my heart for years, and what I always thought I would title my book … if I ever write it.

Thank you, Jennifer, for suggesting “A Broken Heart Healed.”  That helped capture what I was looking for in a title – I wanted the title to reflect the miracle of his healing.

And, thank you to my dear sister, Shannon, for suggesting so many great ideas, including “A Heart No Longer Broken” and also coming up with the idea of a two-part title.

I wish I could send goodies to all 3 of you!  I put your names in a hat, though, and drew out: Shannon!  I will send you something yummy very soon.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with this project.  I am excited to share with you where and when Matthew’s story will be published … so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “The Winner!

  1. So excited to see your finished project! Don’t forget to let me know. I have shared Matthew’s Web site with so many! I smile everytime I look at your family! I pray it won’t be long before I see you all again! Give you mom and dad a hug from me!

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