Baby Update: 38 Weeks!


38 Weeks – officially “term,” and baby could come at any time!

And, although I am very excited to meet and hold our precious baby girl, I’m nervous, too.  She is still in a breech position, which means she will need to be born via C-section.  Because I have a bicornuate uterus, my babies have less “room,” which makes it much harder and less likely that they can turn this far along.  The surgery is scheduled for May 2nd – only a week away!

I’ve never written in detail about Matthew’s C-section – it was too traumatic, too painful … and who wants to read that anyway?  I’d rather focus on the miracle that his is, and the beautiful boy he’s grown up to be!  But, the last several weeks, as I face having surgery again, I’ve found myself remembering and re-living all of the difficult details of Matthew’s birth.

I know it will be different this time.  I know that a planned C-section for a healthy baby is much different than an emergency surgery for a baby who is not expected to live.  I know that the lack of emotional trauma will make the whole experience different.  I know that my doctor won’t try to cut me before I’m numb, and I know that my husband will be able to be with me the whole time this time.  I know that spinal anesthesia will be better than general, and that I will get to see and hold my little girl right away, instead of waiting 12 hours to recover from the side-effects of anesthesia.  And, I know that I will be able to be with my baby this time, instead of in a different wing of the hospital.

I also know that the physical recovery after a C-section is not easy.  After Matthew, it took me 10 to 12 weeks to feel human again, and a full year to feel like my body was back to “normal.”  I know that taking care of Matthew and Jesse after surgery will be really difficult, and that’s what I worry most about:  How will I be able to be the Mommy I need to be to my four precious little ones?

My prayer is this:

Lord, if possible, please help this baby girl turn over and spare me the surgery.  If You have a reason that I need to go through it though, Lord … if it is Your plan, then please give me peace, comfort, and a quick recovery.  I trust You, and I surrender to Your will.  Our baby girl and I are both in Your hands.  Amen.

And, I have been given a lot more peace this past week.  I have found myself overwhelmed with joy and gratitude as I look at my 3 beautiful boys, and I know that I would do anything – sacrifice anything – for them.  We are so blessed to be able to add a 4th child to our family, when so many women with the same uterine abnormality that I have either can’t get pregnant, or miscarry in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.  I have been blessed to be able to have 2 of the boys without surgery, and I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving husband, family, and group of incredible friends who have all said they will help me as much as I can as I recover.

Keep us in your prayers during this next week, and we’ll post some pictures of Baby Girl Vawter as soon as we can!


5 thoughts on “Baby Update: 38 Weeks!

  1. Amy,
    You have been near to my heart the last few days. I know you are anxious and nervous and praying for that peace to be able to trust completely in our Lord’s will. Praying for the best outcome for you and baby girl! And, you will be able to be your children’s mommy as best as you can be – just as you do now. Yes – some days, stages are harder, but you receive so much grace to live out your vocation, and offer your sacrifices to our Lord. Plus, you have many friends and family willing to support you! Love you. You are radiantly beautiful!

  2. Sending you all our love and prayers!!! And looking forward to meeting your beautiful little girl very soon!

  3. What a beautiful post. A planned C-section really is fine. With Tyler, it was great. Pain free (pretty much) , and the recovery will be faster because no general anesthesia- – and even that extra recovery time at home gives you a great excuse to snuggle with your new baby and leave everything else to others. The hospital was horrible (I needed help with the baby at night so I could sleep). Other than that I quite enjoyed having a c-section (it was soooo much better than my previous birth, which was no-epidural natural). Anyway, you are in my prayers- as you said, it is worth it!!!

  4. I was just thinking about you today and then saw your post…Amy we are praying for you and that sweet baby girl of yours. We will pray for Aaron and your boys. We’re praying that all goes smoothly and that your recovery is quick. What a blessed time this is and what a relief to know that everything is in His hands. We miss you guys!

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