Jesse’s Club Feet: Cured!

This post is long overdue.  In fact, I didn’t realize that I never posted a conclusion to Jesse’s foot issues until a reader asked me how his foot was doing!

The truth is, his foot has been so good for so long, we don’t even think about it anymore!  He wore his foot brace at night until he was 21 months old, and has needed no treatment or intervention ever since.

In September, (right after his 2nd birthday) we took him to Shriner’s for his final appointment.  His doctor declared his feet completely cured, and said he doesn’t need to see him again!

Here are his little feet when he was 1 month old:  his left foot was stiff and “stuck” in that position:

After 6 weeks of casting, a few months of round-the-clock bracing, then bracing only at night, our Jesse was running by 10-months old!  He hasn’t stopped running, climbing, spinning, or jumping ever since.

And, here are his perfect feet now:  The hardest part was getting them to hold still long enough to snap a picture!

We are so thankful for this amazing result!  How blessed we are to have such wonderful doctors and medical care available – and we thank our Lord, the Great Physician, most of all.


6 thoughts on “Jesse’s Club Feet: Cured!

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  2. Woohoo!! Those are some GREAT looking tiny boy feet!!! Having seen it in person at the hospital, I can’t believe how awesome it looks!! So amazing to see for ourselves with our own eyes that sometimes God + Modern Medicine = Real Life Miracles! I hope Jesse becomes a track star or a basketball player or something like that–talk about a great story. 🙂 Love you guys!

  3. its great success news. My child is also having clubfoot, on left foot. We were initially shocked on first hand. After reading about it on the internet and consulting with the doctor we are now hopeful that our kid will be fine by the time he starts walking.
    He had his first casting done on the 5th day of the birth.
    Could you please send your physician’s email id, so that we can consult him and take his opinion on it.

    Looking forward

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