Backyard Paradise

After what seemed like months of grey skies, rain, and cold weather (although I know this winter was really quite mild!), Sunday brought us sunshine, mid-60s, and blooming crocuses!

The boys (and their parents) were SO excited to be able to play outside for hours.  A little yard clean-up ended up in a bonfire … which, of course, meant hot dogs and marshmallows!  Micah got out his “roasting hat,” which he pulls completely over his face to protect himself from heat and smoke.  He peers out of two small rivets in the hat, and claims to be able to see quite well.

Jesse admires his big brother SO much these days, he has to imitate everything Micah does.  “I need a hat, too!,” he insisted.  However, Jesse’s hat has no rivets to peer through.  A blind 2-year old wielding a long sharp stick near open flames needs close supervision, but he enjoyed the process.

He enjoyed his almost-roasted marshmallows, too.

Matthew, true to form, declared that marshmallows were “gicky,” and opted for more hot dogs instead.

Micah sighed a happy, sticky sigh and said, “Mom, this is paradise.”

Looking around at my three happy, healthy boys enjoying the sunshine, my wonderful husband, and my growing belly, I had to agree.  We are so blessed to have a piece of paradise here with our family in our own backyard.


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