1st day of Kindergarten

First day of Kindergarten

Micah started Kindergarten today, and loved it.  I know – it’s Labor Day – but I wanted our “first day of school” to be a day that Daddy was home to help run interference with our younger two.

I could write pages and pages about our decision to homeschool, but I think the following video will answer a lot of those questions.  We had to homeschool this kid!

When we were done for the day, Micah begged for more.  He’s so eager to learn, fun to teach, and will charm your socks off.  As part of an assignment today (working on rules of capitalization,) he was asked to write a sentence that describes someone in our family.  This is what he wrote:  “The pretty girl is Mommy.

I love you, my Kindergartener!  I’m so excited to be your teacher.


3 thoughts on “1st day of Kindergarten

  1. What an amazing reader! I hope you share a few of your secrets with this new mother (ME!!) so that baby Clare is reading half as well as Micah at that age. What a wonderful job you and Aaron are doing with those three beautiful boys.

  2. My jar went through the floor when I saw this! WOW! I knew you were great parents and that you have some darn smart kiddos, but I didnt quite realize just how smart! That reading is wonderful! Not to mention the fact that he knows about authors and chapters! My goodness! Very impressed! Best wishes for a fabulous school year!

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