4th of July at the Lake

Our weekend, in pictures:

Nothing beats a new pair of jammies to start off a vacation … except, maybe THREE new pairs of matching dinosaur jammies!  Rooaaaar!

We got to spend some time with cousin Harvey and meet baby Edward for the first time.  Edward is so very precious!  It was wonderful to be able to see and hold the little guy.  Aaron’s parents now have 5 grandsons.  Here are the oldest 4:

Harvey and Jesse are only 1 week apart in age, and they make quite the comical pair:

Daddy got to take his Father’s Day present for a spin:  All the boys enjoyed it, although the younger crowd made it clear that they liked Bompa’s “fast boat” better. 

Matthew and Jesse both signed “fast boat” over and over, and Micah put a “motorboat” on his Christmas list.  (I’m not sure Santa will be able to fit it in his sleigh, though!)

… and just because there are rarely any pictures of me:

The boys’ favorite spot:  Endless rocks to toss into the lake!

. . .

Don’t forget … our fundraiser to help bring Gracie home is still going on.  Why is it so easy to spend hundreds on fireworks that are gone in an hour, and so hard to give $10 to bring an orphan home forever?  There’s still time to win the Kindle, jewelry, gift cards, and more!  http://familyblessingsthroughadoption.blogspot.com/


One thought on “4th of July at the Lake

  1. Looks like a great Fourth of July…just made my donation today for Gracie’s adoption…what a blessing to be able to help and encourage a family who is doing something so great!

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