SuperMom … for a day.

Today, I:

  • Mowed the lawn
  • Sprayed the weeds
  • Let my husband nap for 3 hours  ( … he let me go to bed early last night, so today was his turn to catch up on sleep.  We take turns!)
  • Washed, Folded, and put away 5 loads of laundry
  • Went out to Grandpa’s house for an hour (you should see Jesse eat peas from their garden … wow!  I’ve never seen him attack vegetables that way!)
  • Made Chicken Parmesan for my family
  • Made 3 additional pans of Chicken Parmesan for my freezer
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes

You know if every day was like this, it wouldn’t be blog-worthy.  But, because every day is not like this, I had to document it!


4 thoughts on “SuperMom … for a day.

  1. That’s awesome!! So great to see our accomplishments, even if only for our own knowledge! I have been thinking this week I should write down what I do get done, however, little, to encourage myself. And of course, to celebrate the big days! Great job Amy!!

  2. Amy, you are GREAT!! I think about all of you so often. I feel like I know what is happening with my new family .. through you! Give your parents a hug for me. I haven’t been back to Walla Walla since last year. My Grandkids have kept me busy. I chuckled remembering days like that and then thought I should share what life will be like when you are a “Grandma”.. .older and with not as much energy!! Wednesday was Grandma Day with Jason… I take each of the Grandchildren and do something special with them. Jason (6) spent the night and we played Wii sports and watched movie’s until 11:00 up at 7:00 for his special day. We went to IHOP with “Clue Bags” in Hand. Bag #1… Peanuts… Bag#2 Cracker Jacks… Bag#3 Mariners Shirt and Hat… Jason said, “Are we going shopping?”… No, but how about a Mariners game… MY OH MY was he excited… we took the light rail (another exciting adventure) went to the game, and on the way back he said… Grandma.. remember you said when we were Wii Bowling you would show me how to Bowl.. so yes.. we went Bowling, out to dinner, and back home to Wii Bowl again… out for Ice Cream.. and The Special Day was over.. Grandma went home and to bed.. up at 4:30 for work… Oh My…
    Give your parents a hug for me!!

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