Featured Family Friday: Win a Kindle!

Want to WIN a Kindle from Amazon.com?

How about an emerald and diamond pendant?  A gift card to your favorite restaurant?  Lots of other great prizes, too!  Read to the end of this post, or visit http://familyblessingsthroughadoption.blogspot.com/ to find out how!

. . .

Because of this blog, several expectant parents have contacted me.  I consider it an honor to be able to talk with them, help however I can, and provide reassurance and hope – whether they are expecting a child with Down syndrome, heart defects, clubfeet, or other serious medical problems.

I don’t tell you about all of them … but I need to tell you what happened a couple months ago.

The mother who contacted me had just found out that the baby girl she was expecting had Down syndrome and a heart defect (complete AV canal).  She was not married to the baby’s father, and as soon as he heard the diagnosis, he left her.  She was afraid and alone.

After several heart-wrenching weeks and many conversations, the mother decided to do the most loving and self-less thing she ever could have done.  She put the needs of her sweet baby girl ahead of her own desires, and decided to find an adoptive family for her daughter.  But, through her tears, she asked me, “I love this baby so much, but is there anyone else who would want her?”

Yes, YES!!  There are LOTS of people who would love to have her!  Babies with Ds are usually not placed for adoption in the United States … they are aborted instead.  That’s why people have to go to Eastern Europe and pay huge fees to adopt these sweet angels!

Through the online Down syndrome community, I learned of Jacki Henry.  Jacki and her husband had been trying for over six years to adopt a baby girl with Down syndrome.  Their home-study was done, and they were paperwork ready and financially prepared for an adoption.  I put the two mothers in touch with each other, and only a few days later it was decided:  Jacki would finally adopt the daughter she’d prayed for and wanted for so many years.

It was, then, doubly heartbreaking when the precious baby girl was stillborn only a few weeks later.  Her little heart just wasn’t strong enough.  The Henry family and the birth mother both grieved the loss of their daughter.

. . .

Now, the Henrys have started the process of adopting TWO girls from Eastern Europe.

Meet “Graci.” She’s two years old, was born with cerebral palsy, and abandoned by her birth parents to an Eastern European orphanage.  As soon as the Henrys have enough funding, she will be home with her family, where she belongs.

The Henrys had also decided to adopt a girl they’d named “Rose,” who had Down syndrome, but have recently been informed that she is no longer available for adoption.  They are still searching for their daughter with Down syndrome.

I am helping Jacki with a fundraiser to help with the high cost of international adoption.  You can help right now by visiting her blog at Family Blessings Through Adoption.

If you make a donation to their adoption fund, you can enter to win some incredible raffle prizes, including an Amazon Kindle

some beautiful jewelry:

a custom-made tutu dress made my Melanie’s mom … remember her?  They are actually in country right now to bring their little girl, who they will call Lucy, home.  This is Lucy’s big sister modeling one of the beautiful dresses.

There are lots of gift cards and other goodies, too!  Please go take a look!

The Henry family has waited so long for their girls … and the girls have been waiting for their family. The only obstacle now is money – and that’s where you can help.

If everyone who reads this gives just $5 or $10, they will be home in no time.

Thank you for your prayers and your generosity!


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