Our First Taste of Summer

We’ve had a few days of beautiful weather, and have been enjoying them very much.

We MAKE Micah wait until the thermometer reads 70-degrees before he can get out the pool … because we’re mean parents like that … and because he asks to get the pool out the first sunny day in February.

Last Wednesday, our thermometer read 77.  Pool time!  All 3 boys had so much fun, I had no choice but to put aside cleaning, chores, and other tasks, and spend the afternoon just soaking up the sunshine and my 3 beautiful boys.  And, there is nothing I’d rather do!

They took turns going down the slide, each time cheering for the brother whose turn it was.  For over an hour, my backyard was filled with gleeful cries of “Yea, Micah!  Yea, Matthew!  Yea, Jesse!”

Even when Matthew got cold, he continued to cheer from the sidelines.  I can’t tell you how much I loved hearing that little guy cry out, “Yea! Kia-ka!  Yea! Yeh-Yee!”

The sunshine did us all a lot of good.  It’s going to be a fun summer.

After these pictures were taken, I decided to try to plant a few things in our back “garden.”  Jesse decided to combine my gardening project with their pool fun … and the result was quite a muddy mess.  Fun, though!


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