Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day had a rough start.  Matthew woke up screaming, so I rushed into his room and found him sitting with the humidifier spilled all over him.  The boys have had a cold, so I had the humidifier going, as I often do, to help them breathe at night.

After stripping off his pajamas and running cold water on him, it looked like his right leg was badly burned.  We took him to Urgent Care, and got him bandaged up and pain medicine prescribed.  His only burn is his right thigh, but it has painful, blistering, second-degree burns.

It was a danger we’d never thought of.  We’ve been using the humidifier for years without a problem … but Matthew is no longer in a crib.  We opted for the hot-steam humidifier over the cool-mist variety to avoid spreading mold and bacteria in the air, but we may be going without either for awhile.

After that, my day improved, though.  My boys spoiled me – Aaron was very thoughtful, as always, and Micah lovingly created many home-made gifts for me.  (I only feel a little bit guilty that my favorite part about Micah’s gifts were the hours it took him to make them the week before … hours that he was quietly and happily coloring and cutting paper alone, because I wasn’t allowed to look.)

We spent a relaxing evening with my parents, making me realize once again how blessed we are to have the families we do.


One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. I sure hope Matthew is healing well. That is so terrible to have happen, we had our 2nd son pour a scalding cup of coffee down his chest…so hard to see your kiddo in so much pain. Praying he’s feeling better.

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