Jesse’s 2nd Tear Duct Procedure

Jesse had a second procedure to clear his clogged tear duct this morning.  It went very well, and Jesse was back to his happy, active self very quickly.  His procedure was at 8:00, and he was playing outside enjoying the sunshine by 10:00.

An oculoplastic surgeon from Seattle comes to Walla Walla twice a year, so it saves us from having to travel to have these procedures done.  This probing was a little more invasive than the last one, with a little more manipulation of the duct.  The surgeon is optimistic that this will solve the problem, and he won’t need further intervention.  We’ll know in a couple days after the swelling goes down if the procedure worked.

If I’m counting correctly, this was the 7th time in the past 3 years that one of our children was under anesthesia.  Thanks to all who keep our family in their prayers … we need it!

(#1: Matthew’s hernia surgery. #2: Matthew’s open heart surgery.  #3: Matthew’s tonsils/tubes.  #4: Jesse’s 1st tear duct probe  #5: Jesse’s tubes  #6: Matthew’s sedated hearing test  #7: Jesse’s 2nd tear duct probe.)


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