Wouldn’t it be Great if ….

How often do we say that?

And, wouldn’t it be great if those “ifs” came true?

Just over two weeks ago (… which, to be honest, seems like a lot longer to me), I wrote about a little girl named Lera.  She was facing a monumental obstacle – she needed $25,000 in her adoption account by the end of the month, and at that time, the account only had a little over $4,000 in it.

It seemed like such a huge obstacle.  Was there any way at all to raise that amount of money in such a short amount of time?  I have to admit, I had my doubts.

About a week later, with Lera’s situation weighing heavily on our hearts, my mom and I decided to put together a yard sale to help raise funds.  At that time, Lera’s account still had a looong way to go.  But my mom said, “Wouldn’t it be great if Lera’s account became fully funded, and we had some left-over that could help someone else, too?”

At the time I was thinking, “um … sure Mom.”  I was trying to have faith that the funds could be raised so quickly … but it was definitely a stretch for me.  Was there really any hope for Lera?

Over the next week, we watched her account grow and grow … leaps and bounds that we could hardly believe.  What an outpouring of love and generosity, from so many people!  I know that many of you helped, and “Thank you,” hardly seems like enough to say … but Thank You! This little girl … even though she is so far away … gripped all of our hearts and wouldn’t let go!

Well, if you visit Lera’s family blog, you will see an announcement from Cathy that Lera’s account is fully funded.  The announcement might be a little early, as the money isn’t actually in Lera’s account yet.  But, they have a promise of a large donation coming … and as long as it DOES come, Lera’s account will be full.

Or … at least close enough.  Lera’s mommy, Diane, just told me that even with the large donation coming, they will be about $300 short.


That’s all?  A measly $300?

We can do $300!  I’m sure of it!  People have already given us cash donations that put us well on our way.  I’m SURE that our yard sale on Saturday can raise at LEAST that much … with maybe some left over to help another family.

And, I don’t blame Cathy for being excited … after all,

Lera is coming home!

So, come by our house tomorrow, and buy some stuff to help us get that last, pesky $300.  What an honor it will be to send that last little bit to the Higbie family.

With God, ALL things are possible!


P.S.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was some left over to help another orphan? If there is, the funds will go to Alexander for the Taylor family … who was going to be our Featured Family for this Friday … but I got a little too excited about Lera coming home!  So, click on the link and read about little Alex.  I’ll let you know more about him later.

Today, we’re celebrating! Thank You, Lord, for bringing Lera the funds she needs to come home!  Thank You, Lord, for saving another beautiful child!


2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t it be Great if ….

  1. I hope the yard sale went well…I’m sure it did. What a wonderful gift to share. Thank you Amy for your wonderful and meaningful words and reminders…there are so many ways that we can all help bring one orphan home at a time!

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