Matthew’s Baby

Have I ever mentioned how much Matthew loves babies?

I’m surprised we have a doll of any kind in our house-full-of-boys, but we do have one – and Matthew has claimed it as his own.  He rocks it, feeds it with a bottle, a cup, a bowl and spoon, or gives it a “taste” of whatever cracker or cucumber he happens to be eating.

He will also wrap up his baby in a blanket, lay it on a pillow, and tell us all “shhh!”  He gives his baby tender kisses, and even helps his baby sign “more,” and “please.”

If I forget to tuck his baby into bed with him, he reminds me by signing “baby.”  Then, I have to say, ” ‘night ‘night, baby!” and kiss the little plastic head before I say, ” ‘night ‘night, Matthew!” and kiss my sweet son.  He is gentle, tender, and hugs and pats his baby with great care.

Recently, a friend of mine came to visit with her 2-month old baby boy twins.  Matthew was absolutely taken by them … and we were, too!

He kept careful watch while they napped.  We didn’t have to tell him to be gentle or quiet – he already knew that.  But, he would ever-so-tenderly pat a back, or sweetly kiss on a forehead.

And, after naps, Matthew even got to hold the babies.  I know he felt like a “big boy,” but I still see my baby holding a baby!

… and lovin’ every minute of it!


6 thoughts on “Matthew’s Baby

  1. Thank you SO MUCH FOR SHARING AMY!! These are precious pictures!!!
    I am saying mega prayers for a successful Garage Sale and Good Weather this weekend!

    • Thanks, Paulette! I’m glad you like the pictures. Thanks for the prayers for the sale and the weather! We appreciate it very much!

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