Friday’s Featured Family*: Pudge & Biggie

An inspiration, a wonderful story, and an adorable family!

If you need some encouragement this week, you need to visit Pudge, Biggie, and their parents on their blog:  I betcha can’t visit their page and NOT smile.

It’s a story of a young couple who adopted not only one, but two children with Down syndrome and heart defects … because they wanted them.  They tell the story better than I can, and share their journey with laughs, photos, and lots of love.

But, you really need to read the backstory of their adoption journey, and especially the history behind their story.  That’s what truly got to my heart this week.  It’s the story of a grandfather, whose life and character were shaped by having a brother with Down syndrome.  It’s a story of a granddaughter in awe of the good in her Grandpa Charlie, and his compassion and joy.   With great love for a great uncle, they decided to adopt a child with Down syndrome to give their own family that same gift.

They want you to know that their beautiful children were not unloved or unwanted by their birth families.  Quite the contrary:  their birth mothers loved them so much, they gave their children the greatest gift of all:  a family.  A family able to provide their children with every opportunity to thrive – to meet medical and developmental needs, to provide for a stable financial future, to work with the whole team of therapists, teachers, doctors, and caregivers that every child with special needs requires.

And, Pudge and Biggie’s parents are forever grateful for the amazing gift that their children are.

. . .

*Each Friday of lent, I will feature a family who has adopted, or is planning to adopt a child with Down syndrome.  First, to help make everyone aware that these kids are SO very wanted, and secondly, to help the families that are opening their hearts to welcome these little ones.  The adoptions are expensive … there’s no way around it.  Adoptions from Eastern Europe, where there is the greatest need, cost around $35,000.

This week, Lera still needs your help.  Is there an extra lenten sacrifice that can free up $5 or $10 this week?  (I originally misunderstood how much she needed in her fund – I heard the family needed $18K, but it was $18K MORE than they had in their fund, for a total of $25,000.  The adoption costs $35,000, and the family has $10,000.  So, there is still a long way to go.)

We will be hosting a yard sale for her benefit next weekend … details to follow.  (For those of you that know me, you know that putting on a yard sale really is penance!) What can YOU do to help save one more?

. . .

In other news, Melanie’s adoption fund is now fully funded!  Thanks you everyone who gave so generously to bring this angel home!


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