Guess Who We’re Going to See?

I just bought our tickets!

We are going to see Rachel Coleman, perform live in Portland next month.  I wonder if she realizes that her biggest fan will be in the audience that day?

We have joked that if Matthew was granted just one wish, it would be to meet Rachel, Leah, and Alex in person.  When we found out Rachel was coming to Portland, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see her.

… Now, all we need is some fossils for Micah, and a giant ball-pit for Jesse to make all of our boys’ dreams come true!


6 thoughts on “Guess Who We’re Going to See?

  1. We love seeing Rachel! She comes to Vegas almost every year. If she does the same thing there after the show she lets you come up and get pictures and talk to her for a minute. Definitely worth the wait. Hope you get to do the same thing.

  2. Isn’t there somewhere in eastern Oregon, or maybe Washington, where you can actually dig for fossils? Also, the same people who put out ant farms put out a fossil kit…check out educational toy stores.

  3. I sense a field trip to the John Day fossil beds is in your future, too. It’s not exactly the chance to dig up a diplodocus, but it’s still fun. Maybe save that for when all three boys are obsessed with dinos….. 🙂

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