Let’s Bring Melanie Home!

The Sader Family is so anxious to bring their daughter home.  She will join a beautiful big sister, who has also been blessed with an extra chromosome, and she will finally be an orphan no more.  Her adoption fund is SO close … just a few thousand dollars more, and she will know the love of her family.

My friend, Cathy, is hosting one last fundraiser for Melanie.  Just click here to donate to Melanie’s adoption fund, then visit Cathy’s blog to be entered to win an ipod touch, gift cards, and other great stuff!  Please be generous – let’s get this beautiful girl home.

I love watching these adoptions – watching families envelop a child in love – families that so desperately want a child with Down syndrome that they will go to the lengths and expense that these adoptions involve.

If anyone were to question if children with Down syndrome are wanted, he would have to look no further than the hundreds of families who are waiting to adopt them.  These families go to such lengths – applications, home evaluations, travel, and wait years, anticipating the day they get to bring a beautiful child home.  They pay $20,000-$30,000 for a foreign adoption, because the governments of Eastern Europe know that American families want these kids so badly that they will pay the huge fees to adopt them.

Sadly, there are not many kids with Down syndrome available for adoption in our own country, because most mothers choose to not give them the gift of life … maybe they don’t realize that there is a loving family who has been wanting and praying for a child just like them.

Remember this post?  We saw a notice in a local church bulletin that a baby with Ds needed an adoptive family.  Before I could even call to see what I could do to help, there had been an “extraordinary response,” and she had several families who wanted her.

It warms my heart.

Thank you for helping make all of this possible.  … Let’s get another one home.


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