It’s been busy!

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but it’s been BUSY!  We’ve had very important things to do …

…like enjoy every skiff of snow that lands in our yard.

But, I would never, ever permit my barefooted son to go get the mail in the snow, especially not in his underwear.  Nope.  I did not permit this at all. *ahem*  He did it all on his own. … and we have a long driveway!

We also had to measure the backyard to see which dinosaur fossils would fit.  These things are very important, you know.  It turns out we could get a stegosaurus, but not an argentinosaurus, unless the neighbors were ok with a neck and a tail extending over their fences.

I love that they are both using the ASL “3”

There have also been a lot of fun kitchen projects with my biggest helper …

… and I’m so blessed to have 3 helpers when it comes to cleaning up!

… and it’s good that they enjoy it, because with Jesse around, there is always something that needs to be cleaned up!

We did go up to Bubbi and Papa’s “snow house” for some skiing.  Micah had his first official ski lesson, and did great!  He learned to control his speed, stop, and turn – so now he thinks he’s ready to ski the double-blacks with Daddy!  Matthew watched his big brother, yelling “ski!  yea!  Micah go!  yea! ski!”  I have the feeling we’ll have two boys on the slopes next year.

… o.k. – probably three boys on the slopes next year.  I mean, this one isn’t going to let himself be left out of anything.  But, why does he scare me so much??

… nothing like warming up with a bowl of ramen noodles after playing in the snow, though.

and, then playing dress-up with a great new hat and vest … these things just have to be done!

… and really, what could possibly be more important?


5 thoughts on “It’s been busy!

  1. The cereal mess on the floor looked awfully familiar. I think we’re finally growing out of that stage though (doing a happy dance!). Three boys are very busy for SURE! Looks like you’re enjoying it. :0)

  2. Ohmigoodness – they’re getting so big! I got a kick out of measuring out the back yard to see which dinosaurs would fit. Great way to make the numbers on the page meaningful. 🙂

  3. Love love LOVE the pictures. All of them. But maybe especially the mail dash…

    We miss you guys!

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