Christmas 2010, in pictures

… a little overdue, but not too much.  Enjoy!

The Gingerbread houses did not come pre-assembled, so after one frustrating attempt at building (and a 5-yo asking, “When can we start having fun?”) we converted it to a “cookie” project.  They tasted terrible, but it was sure fun!

We very much enjoyed spending time with my sister and her family, who flew in from Wisconsin to be with us for Christmas.  We got to meet our newest nephew, Anders.  In Micah’s words, “he’s a cute little guy, with big eyes.  Doesn’t say much.”

We exchanged gifts with the cousins the weekend before Christmas.  Ten little blondes, age 10-and-under!  This picture was taken right before we let them tear into the gifts – a time my dad refers to as “nearing critical mass.”  What fun, joyous chaos!

Then, we headed to Spokane to spend Christmas with Aaron’s parents.

Is that a halo above Micah’s head?  He was trying to be extra good for Santa, but that might be over-doing it.

The boys were so handsome dressed up for Christmas Eve Mass.  After Mass, Micah saw one bright star in the sky, and was sure it was the star of Bethlehem.  It was very magical for him!  Christmas is so wondrous and so much fun with a 5-year-old around!

Of course, there was plenty of excitement left for Christmas morning, too.

Matthew’s speech therapist has wanted to hear a “p” sound from him … nothing like “puuuuuulll-ing” off ribbons to practice that one!  We heard lots of “p” sounds, as well as “dat-doo” as he politely said “thank-you” for each gift.

Santa brought Micah some “real” paleontology gear, including a compass, tools for delicate fossil digging, a nifty vest to wear out on a dig!  Nothing could be better for my little dino-lover.

We got to spend some time with our sweet nephew, born only a week after Jesse.  The two of them made quite a pair.

Even with all the gifts and excitement, nothing was more coveted than time on Papa’s lap.


One thought on “Christmas 2010, in pictures

  1. Those two photos with Jesse and Matthew’s excited faces KILL me!! Those are like the definition of Christmas to a little kid. SO cute! 🙂

    So glad you guys had such a nice holiday! 🙂

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