Growing Up

It’s no secret that we have a busy house.  We have 3 energetic boys who are very, very busy with the business of growing up.  Micah is starting to read, Jesse is starting to talk, and as he does, we also hear more and more words from Matthew.

And, it seems, every day a little more of Matthew’s babyhood slips away as he lets us know that he, too, is ready for more grown-up things.

So, step aside sippy cups with lids.  Matthew doesn’t need you anymore.

Of course, Matthew, every accomplishment is celebrated by your big brother, too.  Micah pretty much takes the credit for teaching you everything you know … but he is constantly at your side, to encourage you, push you, and give you the applause you love.

He’s your best friend.  Really.

You’ve also let us know that you want to brush your teeth your SELF.  You do a pretty good job, too … in fact, you are more skilled at this task than Micah.  He was pretty shocked to hear us say so, and is working hard to brush as well as you do.

Thanks to a new step-stool that Grandpa built, you can reach the sink to wash your hands by yourself, too.  You are careful and meticulous – I can only hope that your brothers wash as well as you do.  You ask for the soap (“boap”), scrub away, rinse and dry your hands, then carefully hang the towel back on the rack.

Jesse thinks the new step stool is pretty great, too.  He can help himself to a drink if someone will turn the water on for him.  However, I’m afraid he’s not as tidy as you, Matthew.

But, you’ve taught Jesse a lot of things, too.  You’ve taught him to use sign language – most of the farm animals, more, please, water, milk, baby, Mommy, & Daddy – maybe soon you can teach him to wipe up his own spills and hang up the towel, too.


4 thoughts on “Growing Up

  1. Oh, Amy. The photo with Micah and Matthew with the cup and the one with you and Matthew brushing his teeth totally melt my heart. What sweet little boys you have. 🙂

    And I like the new blog! Looks great!

  2. Micah probably DESERVES credit for much of what Matthew knows. Weston wants to be like Bryce so much that he is driven to learn. Micah also has more hours in the day to devote to teaching than you do(he likely doesn’t realize he’s teaching most of the time). Both Matthew and Weston are very fortunate to have older brothers to emulate(MOST of the time that is).

    P.S. I like your blogs new look!

    Uncle Gary

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