Christmas Angels

Merry Christmas!  This year, we will be spending time with our family, hugging our children close and thanking God for each and every one.

We will also be remembering some children, blessed with “little extras,” who will not be held or loved this Christmas.

In many countries, children with Down syndrome and other disabilities are placed in orphanages from birth.  Their parents do not want them, but know that there are American and Canadian families that do.  So, into the orphanages they go.  However, if a child is not adopted by age 3 or 4, they are considered unadoptable, and placed in an institution for the mentally disabled.  Most children will die within the first year of being institutionalized.

While there are many families willing and wanting to adopt a child with Down syndrome, the cost can be extraordinary.  The governments of Eastern Europe see these children as a “cash cow,” and love to charge exorbitant fees for their adoption.

That is why we support Reece’s Rainbow – an organization that not only raises grants for the adoption of kids with Down syndrome, but also works in these countries to educate parents and families, working to end the practice of giving the children over to state orphanages and institutions.

As a gift to some of our family members this year, we have helped sponsor the adoption of a child with Down syndrome.

This is why:

Just imagine if this was Matthew.  Or, your child:


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