Jesse’s Tubes: Update

Jesse did really well with his ear tube procedure.  He cried for quite awhile after the surgery while he was coming out of anesthesia, but after a good snack and a good nap, he was back to normal.

The doctor said he had quite a bit of fluid behind both ear drums, so it’s a very good thing we had the procedure done.  For the last couple days, he has had a lot of drainage from both ears, so we can tell the tubes are doing their job.  In a couple weeks, Jesse will be feeling and hearing better than ever.

Speaking of hearing …. Matthew’s hearing test on Tuesday was still “equivocal,” meaning the doctors still can’t really tell us how well he hears.  He will go in for a specialized hearing test in January, where the doctors give him enough anesthesia to go to sleep, then measure his brain wave response to sound.  It’s the only way to be sure he is hearing well, although I dread more anesthesia for our little guy.

Thanks for the prayers, everyone!  And, Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Jesse’s Tubes: Update

  1. I am not sure if my last comment posted, so I thought I would leave another note just in case – – I am glad things went well for Jesse and I hope that all is well with your other boys! You are one amazing mom. I also wanted to say a quick hi- I loved your Christmas card- and I miss you! I was just looking back through my blog over the last few years and was remembering how much you strengthened me when things were hard a the residency program back in Yakima. Thanks for being such a great friend! I am so glad that part of Jon’s road is over- it is SUCH a relief to be here in Michigan. Not only is the program not so intense, but he isn’t treated so unfairly. Thank goodness! We are planning on coming back to somewhere in Eastern WA when he is done next year since it is so hard to be so far away from our families, but for now Michigan is treating us well. Anyway- I hope life is going well for you!

    • Thanks, Becky! We miss you, too! I’m so glad to hear that Michigan is treating you well, and that the residency is a better fit. It’s good to know that not ALL residency programs still believe that sleep deprivation is the best teaching tool. Really – how DID we survive?? I’m really glad that you found a better fit. I know it was really difficult, but it sounds like it may have all been for the best after all. I hope you do come back to this part of the country! It would be great to be able to see you all again. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words – I appreciate it!


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