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October has been a lot of fun – with the “31 for 21 Down syndrome Awareness Challenge,” I’ve been able to catch up on posts I’ve been meaning to write, and I really do enjoy writing.

It has also been wonderful to read all the other posts this month, and has made me realize once again what a wonderful community we have.  I’m so thankful that we have the internet to allow us to talk with each other, read about each other’s challenges and set-backs, celebrate milestones and successes, share frustrations and offer support – and share pictures of our beautiful children!

Now that October is coming to an end, I probably will not be posting as often.  But, I have added a “subscribe” button to the sidebar, so if you want to receive an email when I do post something new, it’s easy to sign up.  (It’s right under the “31 for 21” button.)  Enter your email, then check your inbox for an email asking you to confirm the request.  Follow the prompts to confirm, and you’re done!

… or, just keep checking back here every few weeks.

Thanks again for reading!


2 thoughts on ““Subscribe” to Our Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing so much in October! I’m already subscribed through Google Reader, but I’m not sure if that shows up for you. Just wanted to let you know that I love all of your updates, no matter the frequency. 🙂

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