Jesse’s Club Foot: An update

If you have a child with a club foot, check out – You can donate used orthotics to help kids in Uganda or Paupa New Guinea.

Jesse’s WHAT?

I know … I haven’t written about it in so long, you’ve probably forgotten all about it!

And that’s o.k.  He’s doing so well, that most of the time we forget about it, too.

If you remember, he did not have the tendon-lengthening surgery that is usually required to correct a club foot.  We did Ponsetti casting for 6 weeks, then full-time bracing until he could stand up on his own.

His first brace looked like little white lace-up ice skates, connected by a purple bar.  We had some trouble with these causing some rub-spots and pressure points, so we traded them in for the more stylish, more comfortable, more user-friendly – and yes, more expensive, Ponsetti brace.

Since we are getting our care through Shriner’s Hospital, all our care is free, though.  They even provide all of the braces, sending us a bigger pair of “shoes” every time Jesse outgrows them.  Shriner’s has even reimbursed us for our travel costs, and we are thankful for their generosity.

Jesse started standing up on his own at 9mo, so at that point, we switched to only wearing the brace at night.  Now, it’s just part of Jesse’s bedtime routine, and he accepts the brace without problem.

At his 12-mo checkup at Shriner’s, our doctor had to ask which foot was the affected one!  He told us that, at this point, Jesse’s foot is doing so well that it will probably be fine no matter what we do.

He said bracing probably makes a difference for a percentage of kids in the middle of the spectrum – but there are kids who will probably be fine no matter what, and kids who will need further intervention no matter what.  He said, “I can’t tell you to not put the brace on, but it’s o.k. to miss a night here or there.  If it interferes with his sleep, it would probably be o.k. to discontinue it.”

Jesse still does very well with the brace (and is sleeping through the night!!  Hooray!), so we’ve continued to put it on most of the time.

It’s really good to be in the “probably fine no matter what” category, though!

Our doctor at Shriner’s said we didn’t need to see him until Jesse’s 2nd birthday unless there were problems.  He also said that that will probably be the last time he has to see us!  (I think he meant “gets to” see us!)

For a review of our journey with this issue, here are links to some previous posts:  I’m surprised, as I look back, that these posts were just 1 short year ago.  Also – my last update was almost that long ago, too!


3 thoughts on “Jesse’s Club Foot: An update

  1. Amy! That is FANTASTIC news!!! 🙂 I knew at the appointment I went to with you the doctor was very optimistic, but this is AWESOME! 🙂 I’m SOOOO happy for you guys. YAY, JESSE!!!!!!!

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