Oh, my Jesse Bear.

*Bear hugs*

Born with a club foot. walking by 10 months, running and climbing by a year.  Breaking safety latches, opening the dishwasher, throwing everything into the garbage, throwing all the garbage on the floor.  Throwing Daddy’s pager into the toilet, throwing everything that’s round (“ball!”), getting into everything.  So cute.  So sweet.  So exhausting.

Born with a clogged tear duct that never cleared.  Watery, goopy eye all the time, cheek gets chapped.  Learned to “massage” the duct himself, and does, when he sees me going after it.  Scheduled for a procedure to probe and clear the duct on Friday, Oct. 29th.  Simple, quick procedure, but still requires anesthesia.  Please pray.

Born with ear canals like his brother.  Has had 3 ear infections in the past 4 months, requiring stronger and stronger antibiotics.  Miserable every time.  Nasty diaper rash from the last week’s round of medicine.  Right ear drum ruptured around 5:30am yesterday.  Doctor.  Left ear still has fluid.  Started 4th antibiotic.  Scheduled consult with ENT for tubes.  Please pray for him, and his mother, too.

Update:  Matthew is feeling a little better now.  Wednesday he couldn’t keep anything down, but Thursday was (mostly) able to take clear fluids.  By Thursday evening, he was able to eat some peas and crackers (yes, that’s what he asked for,) and today is definitely on the mend.  My washing machine and my carpet cleaner both got a work-out, though!


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