More Good Things

On Wednesday, Matthew was watching Signing Time’s “ABC Signs.”  Almost half way through the video, I heard him say “L.”  Clear as could be.  I looked up in shock, but sure enough, he was grinning from ear to ear with his little thumb and index finger forming the “L.”  I watched and listened in amazement as he continued:  “Eh-m,” with his thumb tucked into his fist to form the sign.  “Eh-n.”  Is this happening? “O,” hand in a tiny little perfect circle.  And then Matthew collapsed into giggles because he knew that he’d just accomplished something big (and the look of unbelief and joy on my face was probably entertaining as well.)  As the “LMNO” song played, he continued to make the signs, and sounds: “lu-lu-lu-lu,” “mmmmmm” “nnnnnnn,” and “oh.”  It was as if he had been waiting until he knew he could do it before he showed me.

I started the video over from the beginning, to see if he would do it again.  He giggled, then started right in: “A!”

He signed and clearly said A, E, I, L, M, N, O, and Y.  He signed many more than that, and attempted sounds of several others.

“O” is definitely the favorite, and the one he will reproduce if you ask for it.  He loves “Old MacDonald,” and sings along with the “O” in “E-I-E-I-O,” But I’d never heard it in this context before.  (The song is often “uh-oh, uh-oh, O!” but he signs each animal that he wants to be included in the song, and often makes the appropriate animal noise, too.  It’s a lot of fun!)

It’s good stuff.  There’s no sweeter sound in my world than hearing that little voice say real words – clear words – such wonderful, wonderful words!


3 thoughts on “More Good Things

  1. Amy, Bompa just bought himself a laptop and Tim helped us get it up and running at Beargrass this morning, so we were able to read your blog.
    Wow, can’t wait to see what’s new when we see you all in Chelan!
    xoxo Nami & Bompa

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