Our Oregon Coast Vacation, part 3

part 1, part 2 … Did I save the best stories and pictures for last?  Of course!

. . .

A glimpse into what our life has looked like for the past couple years:

When we pulled up to our hotel for our 1st night’s stay, Micah cried, “Is this a hospital?  I don’t want to sleep in a hospital!”  At that word, Matthew’s eyes got big and sad, and his chin started to quiver.  He managed to say, “no, no!” before he, too, started bawling.  We managed to explain to Micah that our hotel was not a hospital, but Matthew really didn’t settle down until he saw that our room had no medical equipment.  Even so, he couldn’t get settled in his pack n’ play, and ended up sleeping with Mommy for the night.

. . .

Once we found the beach, though, there was plenty to explore.  Matthew was fascinated by it all.

Micah decided he wanted to be an “aquarium worker,” (aka marine biologist) when he grows up.  Although, he is frequently torn between that and a paleontologist.  He recently announced that he’ll be the marine biologist, and marry a paleontologist.  We frequently remind our 4-year-old that these decisions really don’t have to be made right now.

Mostly, we had a lot of fun relaxing and enjoying our time together.

Another “favorite” (as there were many favorites on this trip), was exploring the tide pools at Cannon Beach at low tide.  The tide pools around Haystack rock are known as a “marine garden” for their abundant sea life, and they did not disappoint.

If I step in this, my feet get a little wet.  I wonder if Mom will notice ….

Well … she’s not making me get out yet.  Maybe I can go a little farther ….

. . . he he he – I am definitely getting away with this!!

. . . and I’m loving every minute of it!

“Mommy!  Matthew’s sinking in the sand!  I’m trying to help him, but he’s stuck!”

. . . and my favorite picture of Jesse Bear:   -just look at those eyes!

Do you think he’ll let us call him Jesse Bear when he’s 16?

Can you imagine a more beautiful playground?  It was amazing.

Even though it was getting late and our wet boys were getting cold, Matthew didn’t want to quit.  When we told him it was time to go home, he said,



5 thoughts on “Our Oregon Coast Vacation, part 3

  1. What a fun trip! It looks like your boys had a blast. You have been in my thoughts often and it’s been fun to see all these posts in October. I need to call you- and keep thinking of it whenever it is impossible. I hope you’ve put two and two together and figured out we’re in SLC. I think part of why I hadn’t called you is because then it would make it real that we weren’t there anymore and I’m so completely bummed about that!!! We’re in the middle of setting up our third (and hopefully last) store, so things haven’t really slowed down a bit since we’ve been here. I’ll get on the phone soon- I promise!

  2. I know I’ve told you this already, but I absolutely love your pictures of the boys at the beach. Your photography so wonderfully captures the fascination and emotions of exploring, playing, discovering, sharing, and loving.

    (Per your previous post… I’m also likely to give you two “hits” on the website since I check it at work sometimes as well as at home. 😉

    I love you and miss you!!

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