Our Oregon Coast Vacation, part 2

If you missed it, click here to see part 1

We had quite a few rainy days, but we found a lot of fun things to enjoy anyway.  Seaside has a lot of things for kids:  the toy store, the candy store, the carousel …

… and who can resist the silly hat store?

The aquarium was definitely a highlight.  Although small, it offers an up-close, personal experience with their harbor seals.  The kids threw pieces of fish for the seals, which each had its own “trick” it used to attract attention and get the treats.  It was a wet, messy, exciting experience – difficult to capture on camera.  Matthew signed “seal,” over and over, and laughed so hard that other visitors asked, “Is he o.k.?”  Oh yes – he’s fine.  Those are uncontrollable happy squeals, and he’s having the time of his life.

They all loved touching starfish, anemones, sea cucumbers, and hermit crabs.  Micah was full of questions about each creature, and asked the marine biologist all about each animal – what do they eat?  Do they have any of that food in their tank?  What time of day do you feed them?  Do they breathe air, or do they need to be in the water to breathe?  Are they nocturnal, or are they awake during the day? He even asked, “Is this crab a male or female?”  He doesn’t really know what that means, but he’d heard it somewhere, and decided to ask!  The gentleman was very patient with Micah, and answered all of his questions.  Then, when two other boys came up to the touch tanks, Micah told them all about each creature!

I love these pictures – they look like I’m helping Jesse touch the starfish, but I’m really holding his arm back to keep him from attacking, throwing, and eating everything!

Everywhere we went, people asked me if Jesse and Matthew were twins …

I don’t know why … I don’t quite see it … do you?

I know that they are the same size … wear the same diapers … both have a tendency to wander off, and require constant supervision … but Matthew IS wearing his “I’m the Big Brother” shirt! 🙂


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