Finding Comfort – and, a Contest!

Thank you, all my dear ones, for your uplifting messages, and encouraging words.  Just as I’m feeling quite discouraged, I’m reminded that we do have an amazing community that loves Matthew, and sees him as the child of God that he is.

Other things that have been wonderfully comforting: (in no particular order, of course)

  • *hugs* from good friends and family
  • the Beatitudes
  • tea & chocolate
  • another mother, whose son was rejected by this world (can anyone guess who I am talking about?)
  • inspiring stories shared about individuals with Down syndrome.
  • spending time just enjoying my loving husband and my beautiful boys
  • remembering that we are not made for the things of this world.  In fact, if we were ever to comfortable in, or accepted by, popular culture – it is then that we should really be worried!

This week’s posts will be lighter – I promise!  To kick things off, how about my first blog contest!

If you think you know the answer to the question above, leave a comment with your answer.  We’ll put all the right answers in a hat, and Matthew will choose a winner.  Your prize?  Chocolate, of course!  The best comfort-food ever invented. 🙂

. . .

Today is also my dad’s birthday.  He has been a prayer warrior for Matthew since before day 1, and created an early, tight bond with little Matthew.  When I couldn’t leave Matthew with anyone else, I could leave him with Grandpa.

One of Matthew’s very first spoken words?  “Pa-pa.”  He even knows the way to Grandpa’s house.  Every time we turn left on 9th street, I hear “Pa-pa?” from the back seat.  If I turn right, I hear, “no!” 

My dad is a rock of our faith, and an example of hope.  I’m so glad that we live close to him, that my boys get to grow up knowing him and visiting him often.  He is such a help to me, too!

He lets the boys “help” in his garden, picking tomatos and cucumbers, digging carrots and potatoes, and teaching Micah to squeeze the potato bug larvae until bright orange bug juice squirts all over … you know – fun Grandpa stuff!  When I leave the boys with him, I often hear, “No, Mommy!  I didn’t want you to come back yet!” upon my return. 

We are all blessed to have you, Dad, and we love you.

Happy Birthday!


11 thoughts on “Finding Comfort – and, a Contest!

  1. Mary, of course! 🙂

    And yes, your dad is awesome. 🙂 Happy birthday!

    And Amy, anyone who doesn’t love Matthew is missing out–I know I’ve only met him once, but I also know there is no sweeter, more loving little boy around. He is a blessing and a gift, and people who are too ignorant to see that are simply missing out–tragic for THEM.

    Love you guys!

  2. Yes – Mary!

    So glad you’ve been uplifted by the things that should hold us up – faith, friends, and chocolate! =) Even if we forget these at times when we’re down. The Lord does bless us and give us strength to walk in this world.

    Love you Amy! And your dad is very blessed to have you and K & S for children. You honor him greatly by the the lives you lead. Love the photos of grandpa with your boys.

  3. I knew the answer was Mary even before I saw the other two comments…lol.

    I love the pictures with Grandpa. So precious!

  4. Why, Mary, of course!

    Amy, I hope you and yours never lose heart. I work with teenagers who sometimes use the “r word.” When they do, I tell them about Matthew and your family. I tell them about how many babies with Down Syndrome are aborted. I ask them to put themselves in Matthew’s shoes, or yours, or Micah’s. It’s a small thing, but who (or Who) knows the impact? It’s possible because of your courage, advocacy, and willness to share very personal things in a very public sphere. This is your influence on me, a very minor college acquaintance of yours and Aaron’s, and by extension young men and women who are going to be living in the same world as Matthew and other people with Ds for decades to come. I’m sure you’ve similarly touched countless others, and that the numbers of those supporting your family and others like yours are greater than you know. Stay strong, girl!

    • Kate,

      Thank you so much. Thanks for the encouragment, and for keeping up on our family by reading the blog. It means a lot! Thank you, also, for helping educate the next generation – what an incredible impact you can make – thank you for using your opportunities to teach young people the power of language and attitude. I know you are making a difference, and it encourages me so much to know that there are people like you out there. What a wonderful note – thanks so much. (I read your comment, and a few hours later Aaron got on the computer and said, “Did you see the really nice note from Kate??! We both appreciate it very much.)


  5. Mary.

    I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog. I have commented before and I don’t even remember how I came across your blog. Anyways, I have twin boys who are 4 1/2, one of which has Down syndrome, and I have a almost 2 year old. I can’t imagine my life without all 3 of my boys in it. Kudos to you and your family. I love reading your thoughts and seeing that I am not the only one who thinks about all these things.

    • Thank you, Krista! I’ve visted your blog frequently, too, but I’m not very good at leaving comments. Thanks for sharing your story, too – your boys are darling. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the encouragement!


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