Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Miracle.

My sweet Matthew,

Three years ago today, we welcomed you into our arms.  Little did we know how you would fill our hearts, too.

Your first days were a little bewildering for all of us,

but a third birthday was something we didn’t dare dream of.  The fact that you are who you are today is truly incredible for a kid who “definitely will not live to see his 1st birthday!”

We had a lot of fun today, kiddo.  We celebrated YOU.  We did some of your favorite things, and we all had fun.  We visited a friend who let us visit their baby chickens.

You also helped feed their cows, pet their cat and dog, and sit on the tractor!

Your brothers enjoyed the “farm,” too.

Micah’s quote of the day: “Mama, I LOVE chicks!”

Then, Grandma and Grandpa came over, and there were some presents to open!

You opened some horses for the ever-growing animal collection.  You sign “horse,” say “neigh,” and march them along with a “clop, clop clop.”

But, I’m afraid your Mommy and Daddy spoiled you a little bit this year with a battery-powered ride-on.  We couldn’t help it – it’s just so much fun to hear you say, “Go! Go! Go!” “Weee!” “Oh, Wow!” and “Yeah!”  It’s speech therapy, really …..

You even let your brothers have a turn.


Matthew, thank you for blessing our family in so many ways.  Thank you for your sweet hugs and kisses, your unmatched love and affection, and the joy you put into our every-day moments.  Thank you for your energetic spirit, your enthusiastic smile, and the incredible effort you put into everything you do.  You give us far more than we can ever give you.  You are our son – loved more than we can ever express.

Happy Birthday, little one.  Happy Birthday!


7 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Miracle.

  1. Happy Birthday Matthew… and thank mommy and daddy for sharing your Birthday. You have a cousin “Autumn” who turned 3 on Sunday. I hope someday you get to meet her! Also, you will have a new cousin today. Jolene’s new Granddaughter. I LOVE your new toy! I hope to watch you ride it soon! Love you bunches.. Paulette

  2. I just noticed that Matthew has a storm named for him. 😎

    (see accuweatherhurricane.com)

    If Weston wasn’t so far down the alphabet, he’d have had one long ago.

    • Uncle Gary,

      That is very appropriate! Thanks for sharing. We do call him, “Matthew the Menace: a destructive force unlike anything this world has ever seen!” I know you understand!

      We think of you often,


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