Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Today, my baby Jesse is 1 year old!

Because Matthew’s birthday is in 2 short weeks, we celebrated both boys’ birthdays with family and friends over the weekend.

We were able to catch 16 of the 20 children in one photograph – missing from this picture are Lily, Caeley, Connor, and baby Livi.  You would think that it would have been crazy, but these are such wonderful kids – they all played so well together, with the “big” ones looking out for the little ones, that the “grown ups” had relaxing time to sit and visit.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

Everyone had a blast.

Jesse, you are walking running everywhere, climbing, bouncing, and trying to do everything your big brothers do.  You gave up your 2nd nap long ago, and now only sleep for 30-60 minutes each day.  You are exhausting, but a lot of fun.

You are already picking up sign language from your brothers, and sign “eat,” “more,” “dog,” and “fish.”  When I ask you to say “Mommy,” you say “Da-da” and laugh hysterically. Yes, your big brother Matthew taught you that joke!

Your favorite things are wrestling, being tossed around, cars, and anything that GOES.  You are ALL boy.  Do I worry about you being a danger to yourself 15 years from now?  Yes.  Yes I do.

But, on your first birthday, Micah helped you blow out your candle.  You thoroughly enjoyed your cake … I mean, not everyone fully experiences cake like you do.

And, you seemed like such a big boy sitting at a little table and drinking from a straw!

Matthew very much enjoyed hitting the pinata.



… and even enjoyed some candy from it.  This is very unusual for him, as candy is usually spit out with a “ick” sound.  Matthew would have rather had an asparagus-and-broccoli filled pinata, but we wanted the other kids to come back to our house someday.

It was a big day for all of us, and by the end, we were more than ready to call it a night.

I am so blessed to have my boys … all 3 of them.  Our children are our greatest gift, and our lives are filled with joy, laughter, and love.

Happy, Happy Birthday my Jesse Bear.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jesse!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jesse!!! I can’t believe what a big kid he is–not a baby anymore!! He is BEAUTIFUL, Amy. 🙂 I can hardly believe he is that same tiny baby I was holding just a few months ago at the hospital. What a sweetheart, and what a lucky little boy to have such an awesome family.

    And also…that photo of Matthew with his head on the balloon is about the funniest thing ever–I seriously laughed out loud. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to your boys, Amy! When Jen Forsman posts a link to your blog on fb I usually stop by and love to read your stories. You are so inspiring and such a wonderful mother. Just read the story about Matthew knowing people pray for him. What a sweet, sweet story. Thank you for sharing. Love to your family!

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