Where’s the Ice Cream?

Matthew did very well through his surgery today. 

The surgeon was delayed by a couple hours, but even with having nothing to eat or drink since dinner last night, Matthew was in great spirits as we waited, charming and entertaining his nurses and everyone in the waiting room.  They usually give the kids a sedative medication before they wheel them back to surgery to ease the “goodbye” process, but Matthew didn’t need that, as he was giggling and playing with the nurses, even as they wheeled him away from us and into the operating room.  They even waited to start his IV until he was sedated, which was very nice.

The surgery itself went very smoothly.  Dr. Ahlstrom said that his tonsils and adenoids were absolutely enormous, so he definitely needed this surgery, and probably should have had it even earlier.  He still had fluid behind his eardrums, too, so she is optimistic that the tubes will greatly help his hearing. 

Matthew took longer than usualy to “wake up” from surgery, which is no surprise considering how his mother and grandmother react to anesthesia!  Thankfuly, though, he doesn’t get sick to his stomach and dizzy like we do – he woke up calm and mellow.  He had trouble keeping his oxygen saturation up for about an hour, but did just fine with a little extra oxygen.  After he fully woke up, he no longer needed it.

He sat and snuggled with us for awhile, then drank a full bottle of milk, and by 1:30 he was eating mashed potatoes and vanilla pudding.  As I am typing this, he is very happily playing with a new “driving” toy we got for him, pushing buttons, smiling and giggling.

I’d say he’s a champion – I don’t know if I’d be doing as well as he is at this point!

Thanks again for the prayers.


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Ice Cream?

  1. Hi Amy,

    I have been praying for you all day. I’m so glad for your super report. Yes, Matthew is a champion, for sure. We’ll keep up the prayers as he recovers fully!

    Love to you and your sweet family!

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