It’s a bird, it’s a …. SOMETHING outside!!

Early this morning, Matthew was looking out the window when he got excited and enthusiastically signed “bird!”  I sleepily said, “Do you see a bird, Matthew?”

He shook his head “No!” emphatically, and then signed “bird” again.  Since the signs for “bird” and “outside” look similar coming from Matthew’s pudgy little hand, I guessed, “outside?”

Again, “No!”  “Bird/Outside.”

Alright – I’ll come look.  What do you see?  What are you trying to say?

We could see about 15-20 balloons from our backyard this morning!

Mother’s day weekend in Walla Walla is always the “Balloon Stampede.”  Balloonists come from all over the country to our little town, and can put on quite a show when they all take off!  The balloons can only launch if the weather is pristine, however.  Since it has been very windy all week, I didn’t have much hope of seeing balloons this weekend, but we woke up to a calm, cool, beautiful morning.

A couple of the balloons looked like they were going to land in the park close to our house, so we headed out to see:

Two balloons did land in the park, tethered and gave a few kids some short, tethered rides.  Micah decided to maybe ride next year – for now, he was happy to keep his distance from the big flame and the burner noise.  The boys loved to watch the deflating process, though.  First, they tip the entire balloon on it’s side (Matthew, with big eyes just said, “uh-oh.”), then squeeze all the air out before packing it up in a big carrying bag.

Micah had a chance to ask the pilots all of his questions:  “What is the name of your balloon,” “Why does the fire have to be so loud?” “What’s your name?” “My name is Micah.  M-I-C-A-H” – etc.  The pilot of the “Wild Goose” was very kind and gave Micah a photo card of the balloon as a keepsake, and the pilot of “Dear John” needed Micah’s help to squish the last bit of air out of the balloon:

Then, he a chance to see the basket up close before they packed it away, too.

That grin on that 4-year-old’s face is all I need for Mother’s Day this year!


2 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a …. SOMETHING outside!!

  1. That is awesome!! I am still waiting to get that close to one of my own. Hope to see you guys so keep the stories coming.

  2. Yay, fun!! Janna’s family had a hot air balloon when we were growing up, so I totally get how fun this is! 🙂

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