Prayers for Taylor

Please pray for Taylor and her family.

Taylor is in the hospital right now, recovering from complete AV canal surgery.  Her parents and family didn’t know she had Down syndrome or this heart defect until she was born, but they have really embraced and accepted the diagnosis.  Since they are relatively “new” to our little community, let’s surround them with prayer and support.  You can visit their blog, “One Day at a Time…” and leave your comments.

It’s been nearly 2 years since Matthew’s surgery, but I still remember the details so vividly.  I don’t know how I ever would have gotten through it all without your prayers and encouragement.  Will there be more nostalgic posts as the anniversary of Matthew’s surgery approaches?  Probably. 🙂  Meanwhile, let’s keep Taylor and her family close in prayer – they are in the midst of the most difficult part of this journey.


One thought on “Prayers for Taylor

  1. Thank you Amy, I was just reading about that on your May 08′ postings. This so so cool to go and read about.. Thank you for your sweet note and prayers too. We are so blessed by all of it. It just makes things seems a little be better.

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