Baby with Down syndrome in need of Adoption

On Sunday, there was a small blurb in a local church bulletin:

“Down syndrome baby girl in need of adoption.  For more information, contact …”

Leaving the “people-first language” lecture for another time, I jumped into advocacy mode.  I quickly called the number Monday morning to see what I could do to help … ready to help spread the word, rally the troops (that’s you, my dear readers!), raise funds if necessary … whatever I could do to help this little one find a loving family.  I even contemplated for a minute whether we could take her … after all, I still want a daughter, but in the fog of our current exhaustion, and the chaos of 3 boys ages 4 and under, I knew that it wasn’t the right time – I’m barely able to keep up with my own boys right now.

By the time the woman called me back and gave me the website for her adoption agency, it was Tuesday afternoon – but I was more ready than ever to help however I could.  I quickly pulled up the website to read:

“There has been an extraordinary response to our request for adoptive families for this unborn child. The birth family is currently at the end of the process of deciding on a forever family …”

Of course.

How silly of me.  Lots of families want her!

But, what a fantastic reminder to all of us, especially anyone with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, that our children are valued and loved.  Children with Down syndrome are wanted … wanted so much that there is a long waiting list of families ready to adopt!  There are so many families that would love to cherish and nurture a child with Down syndrome – again, it breaks my heart that so many of these little lives are lost to abortion.

So … with that reminder … remembering that there is no shortage of families wanting to adopt, I again want to urge you to support  Reece’s Rainbow, an organization that raises funds to help families adopt a child with Down syndrome.  Most of the adoptions are international, and can cost a family up to $30,000.  Reece’s Rainbow has always said there is no shortage of “forever families” for these children, just a shortage of funds to make it happen.

This little girl didn’t need our help after all, but there are countless more children that do.


6 thoughts on “Baby with Down syndrome in need of Adoption

  1. Hi, I left a comment awhile ago because I found your blog somehow. I don’t remember how. I just saw that you mentioned you have 3 boys under the age of 4. How old are they? I also have 3 boys. Twins that turned 4 in April. One of which has Ds and an 18 month old. I just always love it when I have a similarity with people, whether it’s having a child with Ds or twins or all boys or little kids or whatever. Anyways, just wanted to say a quick hi.

    • Krista,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ve visited your blog, too, and your boys are absolutely adorable! I love the matching sweaters.

      I’ve thought that I need to post little “bios” of our family members in my side bar, but lately the blogging has been low on the priority list … I’m sure you understand how busy life can be with 3 little boys!! Micah is my oldest – he’s 4, and will be 5 in November. Matthew is 2 1/2, and he’s our one with Ds. Jesse will be 8 mo. at the end of this week!

      Keep in touch!


  2. 🙂 So happy that this little angel is going to find her forever family. Now, if all those angels on RR could find their forever families…..oh what JOY!

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  4. I would so love to adopt a baby girl/little girl with Down Syndrome!!! I already have a son (who is 8 yrs old) & he gives love so freely. I would so ‘LOVE’ to have another daughter! Out of 5 kids, I’ve only one daughter! Could someone ‘PLEASE’ help me reach the right people to do so! Thank-
    You so very much!

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