Sick, sick kids

I may have spoken too soon.

We truly have not been healthy for over a month now.

Matthew was released from the hospital, and was almost back to normal, when he got yet another ear infection.  (Yes, we will be talking to an ENT about tubes soon.)  This infection was resistant to the first round of antibiotics, so the misery was prolonged until we started a second course.  Just today, he looked like he felt a little better … but we’ll see how the night goes.

Micah mostly recovered from his nasty cold, but had a dry cough that lingered and lingered for weeks … then got worse.  He started coughing more and more, then woke up from his nap yesterday with a fever of 103.  His pediatrician today diagnosed “Croup,” (better than pneumonia, which I was worried about!) and gave him a dose of a steroid.  We’re doing nebulizer treatments with him, too, which we haven’t had to do since he was a baby.  He’s still spiking fevers, and is pretty miserable, but we’re doing all we can for the little guy.

Jesse still has his “lingering cough,” too, but we’re doing our best to protect him from the croup virus.

Please say some prayers that this family can recover and be healthy again!


5 thoughts on “Sick, sick kids

  1. So sorry to learn that the boys aren’t well. My thoughts are with you. We’ve been battling rounds of colds and infections too. Not fun.

    I had tubes in my ear when I was about 8, it made a big difference.

    Take care and rest up.

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