On the Up-Swing

Sometimes the challenge seems so very big …

Like a wall that just won’t budge … no matter how hard you push!


But a brighter path is just around the corner …


And, before you know it, you’re back in the swing of things …

I am happy to report that we are feeling much better.  Matthew is probably the healthiest of all, with renewed appetite and energy.  The rest of us still have a lingering cough, but are definitely on the up-swing.

Again, I was amazed by God’s graces … As usual, I was blessed with extra when my child was in the hospital – I had unexplainable extra energy and endurance; was wide-awake when I should have been exhausted, and had a very real sense of peace – Someone Else was in control, and my child was, and always is, in His hands. 

I also had lots of extra helping-hands to help take care of Micah and Jesse, meals, and even some yard work!  Thank-you to everyone who lent a hand, and everyone who lifted us up in prayer last week.


7 thoughts on “On the Up-Swing

    • Thanks, Sarah! That picture was taken in our driveway … how lucky are we to have such a fun driveway for riding bikes!!?

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