Dinosaurs A to Z

Micah enjoys the PBS kid’s show, “Dinosaur Train.”

I like it, too – a pteranodon family adopted a dinosaur egg – not knowing what species the child was, but ready to accept and love him no matter what.  “Buddy” turns out to be a T-rex, who grows up with his pteranodon brothers and sisters.  All of the kids are polite and kind, respectful of one another and the adults.  They encounter some challenges due to their differences, but always work it out together and find things to play that everyone can do and everyone enjoys.  The little dinos spend a lot of time learning about other species, and praise one another for what they can do, instead of anyone focusing on what they can’t do.

Here comes my favorite part:   One of the brothers (Don the pteranodon) takes just a little longer than the others to catch onto things.  It’s subtle, and no character in the show ever mentions it.  But, he’s never left out, never made fun of – the siblings just accept him without question, take the time to include him and explain things to him.  I love it.

We were able to buy and download the first episodes on itunes – the kids really enjoy the show, and have learned several of the songs.  When Micah doesn’t want to eat his veggies at dinner, we all break into the “hungry, hungry herbivore” song and sing, “… if it’s GREEN, it’s GOOOOOD!”

On the show, the dinosaur kids want to be train conductors when they grow up.   The conductor tells them that a conductor needs to know all the dinosaurs, because there are train stops for each species.  Then, he sings them a song he uses to memorize the dinosaurs.  To see it, click here.

Micah, of course, wanted to be a conductor, too.  He begged us to help him memorize the song, and when he had learned every dinosaur, he rewarded himself by wearing his “conductor” hat and calling himself a conductor.  Here is Micah – barely 4 years old – with his dinosaur song.  (I apologize for the video quality – I want to capture this with my new (much better quality) digital video camera, but I haven’t yet.)


3 thoughts on “Dinosaurs A to Z

  1. Funny, after your last post I was pretty sure that Micah must be a Dinosaur Train fan, but forgot to ask in my comment. Love it!

  2. For some reason I turned that show on one morning for Lily while I was trying to unload the dishwasher. I didn’t really pay attention and Lily wasn’t really too interested, but we’ll lhave to give that another try sometime! Maybe when Miss Lily gets a little older.

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