Something to Smile About


Jesse’s appointment at Shriner’s yesterday went very well.  We had no problems taking the airplane, and it was great to give me a break from all the driving.

Jesse’s left foot looks fantastic!  I’m amazed by the visible difference each week.  Dr. Aiona is almost positive that he will not need the Achilles tendon surgery, but will do X-rays at our next appointment just to be sure that all the bones are lining up correctly.  From the way his foot looks, though, he said he would be shocked if things weren’t just perfect!

We are praising God, doing our “happy dance,” and are so very thankful for this great news!  Thank you for all of your prayers, too!

He said that we are done correcting the position of Jesse’s foot – it is turned out nicely and can flex to 90-degrees or more now!  Hooray!  Now, we just need to hold it in that position for awhile so it doesn’t revert back.  That means that this cast (#5) gets to stay on for 2 weeks.  Then, we’ll do the X-rays, and if everything looks o.k., he’ll get another 2-week cast – his last!  After that, he’ll be fitted for braces.

So, it looks like no surgery, only one more cast, and less frequent trips to Portland…

And that is definitely something to smile about!



2 thoughts on “Something to Smile About

  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! That is AMAZING news!!!! I’d say something to jump up and down and holler about, not just smile! 🙂 Seriously, I’m so happy for you guys. This is so awesome! Praise God! I’m so glad the plane worked out for you guys, too. Yay for so many amazing miracles!

  2. I am so glad everything is going so well!!! Jesse is ADORABLE! Your heart must just melt every time he smiles . . .

    Also- thank you SO much for the gifts you sent us for Tyler! I especially love the new nursing shield- it is the BEST and I use it constantly. Thanks for the book and outfit too.

    We miss you guys!

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