Jesse’s Club Foot


The last 4 weeks have been wonderful.  Busy, yes.  Exhausting, yes.  But, as a good friend of mine put it, we’ve been enjoying the Baby Bliss of having a newborn.  We’ve been soaking up every minute of Jesse’s sweetness – his skin … his soft, soft hair … his sweet baby smell … the tiny little sounds that only a newborn can make.


It has been nice to just enjoy him, and not have to worry about strict feeding schedules, oxygen requirements, heart failure, hospice, or any of the other things that made Matthew’s first months so stressful.  And we have been enjoying him immensely – treasuring the small moments, and thanking God for our healthy, beautiful boy, who just needs a little help to straighten his foot.


Yes, Jesse was born with a club foot.  We knew this was a possibility from my 20-week ultrasound, but were hoping it would be flexible enough to require minimal intervention.  Matthew was diagnosed with 2 club feet in utero, but when he was born, his feet were very flexible and self-corrected by the time he was 6 months old.  Jesse’s foot, however, is not flexible and will require casting.  As you can see, Jesse’s foot is a classic case:


We’ll go to the Shriner’s hospital in Portland next week for his first cast.  Then, he will need to be re-casted weekly for several weeks, then wear a brace at night for about 2 years.  It is a more involved process than we were anticipating (we were really hoping to be done with children’s hospitals for awhile, but instead we get to learn our way around a 3rd one!), but we’re thankful that club feet are treatable – it is not a life-threatening or life-long condition, and by the time he is ready to run, his foot will be ready, too.  However, the casting stage is going to be logistically quite difficult for us, since Portland is over 4 hours away.  There isn’t anyone closer who is comfortable casting his foot, so we need to figure out how to make weekly trips across the state.  (I always thought it would be Matthew who would require us to live close to a children’s hospital!)

We’ll make this first trip together as a family, (and hopefully take the boys to the zoo if weather permits), but later trips might have to be just Jesse and me, leaving the older boys with Daddy or grandparents.  We’ll make it work one way or another.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep taking in every special moment.  Whatever it takes – he’s worth it … and he’s already rewarding us with sweet, sleepy smiles:


Once again, we appreciate your prayers.

About 1 in 1,000 babies is born with a club foot – many times it affects both feet, as it did with Matthew.  We were also once told that our chances of having a baby with Down syndrome was 1 in 1000-1500.  I’m not sure how I feel about hitting those odds twice in a row … my dad says it makes us a 1-in-a-million family!


10 thoughts on “Jesse’s Club Foot

  1. Good luck with everything!! And remember, I’m conveniently here in Portland–let me know if I can do anything for you or if you need anything (or, Amy, as you have to keep coming back, you and little Jesse are certainly welcome to crash at my apartment!). I’d love to see you guys!!! 🙂 Love you all, and know you’re definitely in my prayers.

    • Hello,
      My baby was born with a club foot as well. We through the cast for two months. The cast did not correct the clubfoot , therefore, we have to do surgery when he turns six months. The cast was not painful for my baby at all. He did not notice the cast was on.



  2. we are also in the Portland area if you need anything- a hot homecooked meal, someone to watch the older boys while you go to appts, etc. Please ask! I’d love to help and see you guys.

    Jesse is adorable, so sweet. Those early newborn moments are precious and so fleeting. Glad to hear you are able to really soak them up with Jesse.

  3. My first thought when I saw Jesse in the pics above was, how lovely, alert and awake he is. Then the next photo. So at peace. What a beautiful creation God has gifted you. In praise and thanks-giving for the thoughts you share. May God in His ultimate mercy bless you all. Luv ya, June

  4. I was checking out treatment for your son’s club feet. i have experience with club feet because my daughter has it. I see you go to Portland Shriner’s which has a good reputation. I know someone who goes there. I belong to an online support group in which the families deal with club feet. There are a few things you should know about treatment. The best method is called Ponsetti casting, developed by a doctor in Iowa. It is a non-surgical method of six weeks of casting. Ponsetti is very specific training and to guarantee a good result for club foot, it is the best method. Doctors should be Ponsetti certified to do the best club foot treatment. If you google you can check to see if your doctor is Ponsetti certified. I have seen many Ponsetti casts and your son casts look unusual for good correction. Club feet ALWAYS turn back through growth spurts especially at the 4-5 year spurt. Club feet are something that must be taken care until all growth is finished. Believe me I have seen bad results including my own daughter
    Surgery should be avoided and sometimes casting needs to be repeated. If you google Ponsetti you will find the doctors who specialize. Our doctor will cast several times if a foot begins to turn back. It can be a pain to go back and forth but it is the best. You posted good pics of his feet. It helps alot to see what is going on. He is a beautiful baby. Be proactive about his feet . It is not “just” club feet. It is a major deformity and with proper treatment he can have a lifetime of of good function. Contact me if you wish. I also have other parents willing to share.

  5. Thank you for posting this on the internet. My baby boy should be arriving any day with b.c.feet. I have done the research and talked to the drs but still I have been so nervous about seeing him for the first time. Looking at your perfect little Jesse it makes my nerves less. I wish you all the luck in the future.

    Thanks again,


  6. We just had our routine OB and told that the baby (33 weeks) may have a club foot. Being first time parents, we were worried, concerned, but we still thank God that at least he has 2 feet. Just want to thank you for sharing your experience, I feel much in peace after I read your post. Your positivity really encourages me. “Casting all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

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