Happy, Happy Birthday!

My Matthew,

Happy Birthday – You are two years old today!

While most parents would say, “Wow, how time flies!  It seems like only yesterday …”   Instead, I find myself thinking, “Really?  Has it only been two years since you were born?”  You have been through so much, and have come so far, it’s hard to believe that only 2 years ago, you were my tiny 4-lb baby, too weak to eat or cry, expected to only live a very short time.

Now, look at you!



Definitely not too weak to eat, now!


You are so full of life and energy, you are hard to keep up with!  You are always on-the-go, exploring, climbing, and busy discovering the world.  You are learning to communicate, and pick up on new signs quickly.  In the past couple weeks, you have added “dance,” “please,” “outside,” “book,” and “dog,” to your sign language vocabulary.

You are inventive, and are constantly surprising us (and making us laugh!) with what you come up with.  A couple weeks ago, you were trying to “call” Grandpa for most of the morning.  You used a piece of wooden train-track as a phone, and said “aaaa-oo? pa-pa?”  When he didn’t answer, you tried a banana-phone at the breakfast table.  He didn’t answer that, either, so after breakfast, you used your handy-dandy foot-phone!

"Aaaa-ooo?  Pa-pa?"

"Aaaa-ooo? Pa-pa?"

You are asserting yourself, demanding more independence, and testing the limits … all of which challenge us, but are so typical of a 2-year-old that we are happy to see it.  You have a very sweet, gentle side, too, and give the very best snuggle-hugs!  If either of your brothers are crying or fussing, you are very concerned, and are quick to offer a comforting hug or a pat-on-the-back.

You will not tolerate being left out of anything – whatever Micah is doing, you want it on it!  You two love to wrestle and chase each other, dance together, go for “rides” in the laundry basket or spin in the office chair.  You’ve learned that Micah will push you faster than Mommy will! You have started to play with Micah’s animals, too, but you say “ooo-ooo” for every animal.  Micah is patiently teaching you that they are not ALL monkeys!

You have started to be “helpful,” and will take a wash cloth to wipe your little brother’s face, or try to clean the table.  You especially love “helping” with outdoor projects, and have lent a hand with some gardening and landscaping this summer.

Our soil-quality expert!

Our soil-quality expert!


Yes, you did this all by yourself.

Yes, you did this all by yourself.

Yes, my little Matthew, I still marvel at the gift you are.  I cry when I think about “what could have been,” because I simply can’t imagine my life without you now.

You’ll always be my miracle baby, but you are shaping up to be a pretty cool big-brother, too!


We love you more than words can say.

Happy, happy birthday, my beautiful boy.


9 thoughts on “Happy, Happy Birthday!

  1. A miracle, indeed….and full of personality, too. That was beautifully written and gave such a wonderful description of Matthew and what an important part of your family he is. Happy, Happy Birthday, Matthew!

  2. We love you Matthew! Julia and Jack left a special birthday greeting on your momma’s phone. They hope you get a great big piece of birthday cake! Happy Birthday Big Boy Matthew!

  3. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! A very happy 2nd birthday to a very special little boy, here’s to so very many more birthday’s to come!!! Sending lots of hugs for all the Vawter clan!

  4. Ah, you made me cry!! This is beautiful!! 🙂 And he could not be more adorable. Yay for miracles and blessings–happy birthday, not-so-baby Matthew!! 🙂 Loves to all of you!

  5. Happy belated birthday Matthew. What a joy you are and the blessings you bring to others as we praise God for the wonderful gift you are to all of us. Your joy becomes our joy too. Love and prayers.
    June and Doc

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